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This recent animation video was made for licensing company Method 180 to show how their services make their clients Superheros – Literally! See what we did.

Animation Video for our Client Method 180

Here is one of our latest animations that we made for a licensing company, Method 180.   They wanted to show how their service made their clients out to be superheros.  Literally!

When they approached us they did not know how they wanted to show off their business. We discussed a few options of shooting some video at their office and trying to show how they really get their clients to be the winner (or superhero) when they hire them for consulting.  In the end we figured poking some fun at the corporate life and adding a bit of cartoon flair was a quick an easy way to go.  We worked with their team on a script, storyboard and then *poof* out popped this fun and quick animation that tells the story to any of their potential clients.  Take a look and let us know what you think!


Nashville Video Company Animation Video – Method 180

Video Script:

Meet Eric. Eric is the IT Director and responsible for negotiating his company’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.
Meet Ellen. Ellen’s company has just been selected for an audit by Microsoft.
What do Eric and Ellen have in common? They both are confused by how Microsoft licenses their products, they don’t know if they are getting a good deal or if they are paying way to much money to Microsoft.
Both have other responsibilities and are wasting valuable time trying to figure out what to do.
Microsoft licensing is very complex. Without expert advice and help you will be at a disadvantage. Licensing is almost impossible to figure out, and developing ways to reduce costs is challenging.
No matter how experienced the negotiating team may be they will lack the inside knowledge to gain the advantage during an audit or contract renewal.
Why do this on your own and risk millions?
Meet your Microsoft Licensing Experts – Method 180. Method 180, helped Eric negotiate his EA and simplified the audit process for Ellen.
Both Eric and Ellen were thrilled by how Method180 saved them so much time and averaged about a 20% reduction in costs.
(CTA) Call Method180 today and book a free call to see if we can help you!

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