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Sales and Marketing Videos

A video gives you the power to deliver the perfect pitch, every time. When you are looking to invest in a tool that will help you increase sales, engage your audience or demonstrate a product, you need a creative team that understands how that goal is achieved through appropriate brand messaging.

There is a very fine line between Sales, Marketing, and Promotional videos and those lines are created based on the purpose for the video, the scripting and the overall message. Our expertise goes beyond the filming and editing of the video. We’ll help you craft the perfect message that will connect with your target demographic. Our process will help you increase conversions and get a maximum return on your investment.

Sales and Marketing Video Examples

Sales Videos
Sales is an emotional process. You are solving a problem, answering a question, or filling a void for someone with your product. Sometimes we buy things on gut feeling, sometimes we do extensive research, we are really looking for justification for our decision. The way people buy and sell has changed through the years but the premise is still the same – you want someone to have a connection with your product and then take action to buy it.
Marketing Videos
Marketing is about awareness. When you see a billboard for a restaurant or receive a flyer in the mail for house-painting, you might just pass them right by. But, if you have been considering getting your house painted or suddenly need to take a break on that road trip, the marketing messages mean something to you. Bringing awareness of your product at the right place at the right time is the key to marketing.
Promotional Videos
Promotions are designed to drive a customer to commit immediately. This means there is incentive, a deadline, a prize, a reason to act now. The simplest form of this is every commercial you see on TV that is pushing their big holiday sale. You must go this weekend to get that deal – go, go!


The Big Picture: The ultimate goal is to present your product as the best version of itself. We want to get people excited, get them talking about your product and convert them into an advocate of what you are offering.

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