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Whether you are looking for someone to help you set up your next big Zoom call, webcast an internal meeting or live stream your next multi-camera event, WMV Productions is here to be your live stream video company in Nashville. Technology has made a huge leap in the past couple years and the advantages of reaching out to your team or audience in their homes over live stream video are substantial. Internal meetings, town halls, and live or hybrid events can all be recorded to be used later or live streamed at a specific time so your entire audience can be engaged at the same time. The only question you have to answer is, “What type of event do you want to put on?”


Let's Plan Your Virtual Event!

If you are looking to set up your first online meeting or want to craft a fully digital event with website engagement and video production, WMV Productions is here to help. Let’s have a chat to see how we can help you make your next virtual event a success!

We understand that all the technology to make a live stream happen can seem a bit daunting at first. What video platform should I use? What if the internet goes down during my event? How do I keep my audience TRULY engaged? What happens if my viewers have technical problems and can’t hear/see me?

Our approach to producing a live stream video is to handle all the heavy lifting on the video and technology side so you can concentrate on your audience and delivering your message without any extra worries about the “what ifs” of your digital event. 


Types of Live Stream Video Events

Conventions and Trade Shows

If we have learned anything in the past couple years it’s that live events don’t necessarily have to be “in-person” to be successful. Savvy companies shifted to fully digital events with video live streaming when people were not traveling or attending gatherings like conventions or trade shows. Because of the huge success of hosting digital conventions, now companies are moving to a more hybrid approach where a trade show can be both in person as well as a live streamed event so they can reach more of their audience.

Digital Conferences – (Pre-recorded)

Host a Digital Conference and skip the cost of a venue, hotel and travel fees! Like a traditional conference, a digital conference can be placed on a custom website with video conference tracks to help your attendees plan their experience by interest. The tracks can be live streamed or pre-recorded and waiting on the site for the opening day of the event. To make the process easier we can send your featured speakers a camera and light kit that is ready to pull out of the case and use. They just film themselves and email us back the footage so we can edit the videos to conform to your brand identity and then place them on the conference’s site to be used in your digital conference. It really is that simple.

Corporate Live Streaming

Many company’s employees are worldwide or at least national. Being able to communicate an internal company update to all departments and staff at the same time was previously unobtainable. Microsoft Teams and Zoom have changed the game on how easily people can engage without the overhead of a custom internal video conferencing system. Taking it one step further, with Microsoft Teams or a Zoom integration we can create a custom live or pre-recorded live stream and your employees can all stay in the know while staying in a custom branded environment no matter what platform you currently use. Bring on keynote speakers, live guests and use live polling software to make sure everyone is on the same page and stays engaged no matter where they are.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Want to take your event up a notch? Multi-Camera live streaming can make any event you choose more dynamic. Virtual Concerts or live performances, business webcasts and even fundraisers can be elevated by a multiple camera live stream in Nashville. In an era where it is hard to keep anyone online interested, having multiple cameras to cover your event can create a fun and engaging video they won’t want to click away from.


From start to finish WMV Productions can help you craft a live stream video that exceeds expectations. Seamless video and graphics, on screen transitions and professionally mixed audio will make your next digital event feel like a show. Not your average live stream, we make sure every aspect of your digital event keeps your audience coming back for more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best live streaming platform for my virtual event?

Don’t worry if you don’t currently have a preferred video service to host your event’s live stream. WMV Productions works with all the major online video sites and can create a custom link for you to send out to your audience so they can be just one email or click away watching your event. There are many internet streaming providers that can stream your event, but some of the most popular live streaming platforms are:


Facebook Live

YouTube Live


Microsoft Teams

Tik Tok Live

Instagram Live

Where can I film my Virtual Event in Nashville?

Many big digital events are live streamed from Nashville Music City Center or Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville. If you don’t need that big of a space then smaller venues like the Renaissance Nashville Hotel or Hilton Nashville Airport are available for midsize live audiences. We also have studio options available locally if you’re not planning on having an in-person audience.

What if the internet goes out while filming my live stream in Nashville?

Internet connections do drop on occasion and that can bring your digital event to a halt quickly. Upon request, we can make sure to have an additional internet connection on bonded cellular, or similar, to be sure that if the main internet connection drops the show can continue on without interruption.

I have more questions!!!

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss any questions you have about your upcoming event.