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What is a screencast video production? Screencast video productions, or “screencasting”, is when you record your computer screen so you can show someone else at a later date. It started originally from pointing a camera at a computer monitor and then over time 3rd party companies developed software specifically to record your screen into a digital file that you can share easily across the internet. All that to say, you can hit record on your computer and it watches what you type and where you click and you can easily share it as a video later in an email or on your website.

“Enough of the history lesson Nick! How can I use screencasts in my company?”

Screencast video productions are great for any industry. You can present powerpoint presentations, give tutorials on how to use your online platform, use them for company on-boarding, or even answer customers’ common questions. The best part about using a screencast video is that you only have to create the video one time and then you can use it over and over anytime someone needs an answer to the problem it solves. So if you wish you had a robot that could answer the repeated questions that you receive daily, your prayers have been answered with a screencast video production.

There is a lot more to creating a screencast than just sitting down and hitting record. We have all searched youtube for a quick answer and got sucked in to a 20-minute long video that we know could have easily been 60 seconds. Here is a few tips to create your next screencast:

Voiceover: Is the voiceover clear, concise and professionally recorded (not scratchy or hard to understand)?

Length: Does it take 2 minutes to show the viewer what we want to show them or can I tighten up the script and make it a 1-minute video?

On Point: When someone watches a screencast it is always for a very specific reason. Am I making sure to answer only the question they were looking for? Or am I making one of those 20-minute boring videos that everyone hates?!

Branded: Does the script, fonts and graphics used in the screencast align with my brand? If someone watched this video would it be easily recognizable as my brand’s video?

Many times recording your own screencast is a fine way to answer a quick question someone might have.  If you are running a business and know lots of people will be viewing your screencast video you may want to consider having a video professional create your screencast.  When a video professional, like WMV Video Productions, creates a screencast for you the end product will look very professional and ready to be used in a business environment.  Think of it like this… you could have your brother’s friend paint your house for free OR you could hire a professional house painter.  In the end the job will get done, but what are your neighbors going think when they drive past and look at your house?

If you are a business owner or marketer and are looking for a video company to create a screencast for you, check out some of our examples below.

Recruit Talk Screencast Video

Mercury Flight Screencast Video

Live Action Video w/ Screencast

Customer Support Screencast

Ovation Screencast Video

Service Pro Screencast Video

In the above examples you can see that screencasts have been used across many different industries and in many different ways. Many times professionally made graphics or video can be interweaved with a screencast to make it more engaging for the viewer.  As technologies increase more and more businesses have websites, mobile apps and other digital documents that they want (or need!) other people to view.  A screencast is an easy way to train, sell or market to your audience without having to make them read pages of documentation.  You can just show them with a short animated screencast.

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