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Here is a great crowdfunding video production we made for kickstarter that was funded. WMV Video Productions for clients using indiegogo, crowdfunder, and many more.

We are so excited to have one of our latest videos on go live.  The video we made was for a company named Mukava.  Mukava is a smart ergonomic reading table that can hold books, newspapers and even electronic devices like phones and iPads.  We worked with the Mukava crew to see how many different situations we could put the Mukava in to show off how versatile it is.  As you will see in the video, you can use it almost anywhere and then it folds up as a decorative piece of furniture in your room.  Check out the Mukava Kickstarter Campaign HERE:

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Crowdfunding video Production – mukava.

Crowdfunding Video for Kickstarter – Mukava 

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Video Script:
Hi I’m Tom and I’m here to present to you… Mukava – the world’s first and only ergonomic reading table that works for electronic reading devices as well as traditional reading media such a book, magazine or documents.

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We noticed that everyone we know using ipads and kindles for long periods of time suffer from ipad neck and ipad wrist. The same can happen from reading a book for too long.
In fact, because of these problems, most people use their devices for much shorter periods of time than they want to use them.
There’s been a lot of articles recently about how the ergonomics of using tablets and phones is so bad that many users need to limit their time with the devices because of the pain they suffer. In fact, looking at a tablet is no different from looking at a computer screen – except you wouldn’t dream of holding it.

We Believe : that you should be able to read, work and view tablets and books as long as you would like without pain and discomfort. That at product should be as beautiful as it is functional and always enhance the decorum of your home or office. We belive that your reading media should fit you and not the other way around. And finally, we believe that it is possible to build a company that can help to make the world a better place. So I present to you Mukava – the world’s first ergonomic reading table designed to meet BIFMA Ergonomics Guidelines for office furniture.kickstarter, indiegogo, crowdfunder, rocket hub, crowdrise video production, cost effective


Mukava, designed in Europe has attractive and distinctive Scandanavian styling that allows you to use the product for reading all types of reading media.With one easy motion, the reading surface is released and can be raised to any position whether you are standing, sitting in your favourite chair, at the office or in bed. Mukava utilizes a unique proprietary suction cup and magnetic pad that easily attaches and separates from any tablet or reading device.

The magnetic pad then sticks to the rubberized magnetic surface to secure the device. – this solution allows you to use any reading device that you buy in the future – regardless of its size – a major advantage over competitive products. It’s easy to take your product and go. For books and magazines, you just need to rest them against the bottom lip of the reading surface and use the elastic bands as necessary. We have designed the Mukava so that it won’t tilt forward and drop your documents or your ipad! To make things even better, we added two USB ports that allow you to both charge your device…
and plug in a light that tucks away under the reading surface – removing the need for ambient light when you are reading in bed so your partner can sleep soundly.

Mukava can be used for many things and when are you are done using Mukava, it folds up to a clean table that adds to the decorum of your room. Mukava is not heavy, and can be quickly moved from one room to the other. It has rubber feet to protect wooden floors.  Based on the feedback we’ve gotten on the product, we decided to develop another monitor arm version for the office as well so that you have easy access to your documents while you work. It plugs onto any monitor arm for easy use in the kitchen, workplace or home office. Mukava comes in three different styles to match your home or office.


OOOO So Many Styles!

Mukava is made of the highest quality strong and light weight materials and is designed to last for years. Mukava can hold up to [6 pounds] as a reading stand and many more as a side table.
We created our design after more than 18 months of research and many prototypes.
We think that we have found a solution that will be appealing to millions of people who use their tablets and books and would like to find a new way to use them longer and in a healthier way.

And this is where you come in. We’ve already put in more 100,000+ dollars of our own money to make Mukava a reality. To bring Mukava to you, we need to make the tooling and buy the components to assemble our first products. We also would like to make this project affordable to as many people as possible, so we want to sell it directly to you, the consumer, rather than selling through traditional retail outlets…adding hundreds of dollars of cost to the product in the process.

We need your help now to help to fund this project and to help spread the word through the development of our website and advertising on the web and in magazines. This project and the company [ Project for Adult Literacy and Schools LLC] that I have created to support it is a social enterprise. Some of the profits of this company will be used to support two causes that are near and dear to me; adult literacy and building schools in the developing world.wemakevideos kickstarter, indiegogo, crowdfunder, video producers, nashville video production

To learn more about the social purposes of my company, check out the project website.  Any amount of contribution you can make to this Kickstarter campaignwill be greatly appreciated – even it if just means sharing this project with friends and colleagues who might find it interesting. We’ve got some great rewards for our Kickstarter friends so please take a look at our page and don’t forget to pledge! Thank you.

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