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Are you looking for a whiteboard animation company to make a whiteboard animation video for your website?  Our creative team can work with you to create a whiteboard animated video that will pitch your idea, sell your product or tell your story in a fun and engaging way.  We like to make the creation of your video an enjoyable process for our clients so we do all the heavy lifting.  One of our producers will work with you to figure out the story and tone of your video and then we can get to work drawing on the whiteboard.

Whiteboard Animation Company Process

Getting your animated video created is a simple three step process that involves scripting, storyboarding and then animating.

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Whiteboard Animation Company

1. Scripting Your Whiteboard Animation

Take a look at a few of the whiteboard animations on this page and throughout our website.  After you find a style you like, just let us know.  Then you can either send over a script to us with an idea of how you thought the video might go OR you can send us a few bullet points about the video you want created and one of our script writers can craft a script for you.  The latter is usually the best choice as having a professional script writer craft a compelling and engaging script has extreme benefits in getting people to watch the entire video.  Additionally, when having one of our team help write the script, we take time to make sure that the video stays short and concise with a solid call to action that gets your viewers to take the next step after watching the video.  This could be clicking the buy now button or giving you a call on the phone.

More examples from our Nashville animation company

2. Storyboarding with a Whiteboard Animation Company

After the scripting has been done, a team of creative monkeys sit in a room and decide what pictures should go along with each part of the script.  This is called storyboarding.  You can see a video on what a storyboard is HEREThis is the fun part because during the storyboard phase we get to decide if the hero in your story is actually a superhero with laser eyes or if it’s just a normal guy with super fantastic hair or something.  Either way, we make sure the story makes sense and goes with your script.  When it comes to a whiteboard animation or any hand drawn video, we believe this to be the most important part.


3. Whiteboard Animation Company GO!!

After the scripting and storyboarding is complete, we release the kraken… ok we don’t have a kraken, but we do have a bunch of nerdy guys who say ‘yeah bro’ a lot and happen to be amazing at creating animated whiteboard videos super fast.  We send off the script, storyboard and a 6 pack of Mountain Dew to these guys and *poof* out pops your whiteboard animation with sound effects and music.  Pretty cool right?

With our whiteboard videos you get a professional voiceover, even more professional drawings and animation and even so much more professional licensed music and sound effects that go *zoom*, *POW*, or whatever your website animation needs to tell it’s story.  Take a look at some of the whiteboard animation examples on this page and let us know if you would like something made for your company.

Depletions Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation for Crowdfunding Example

Whiteboard Animation Example

Explainer Video Example

Whiteboard Animation Company Example

Website Animation Producer Example

Whiteboard Animation Producers Example

Whiteboard Video Maker Example

WMV Video Productions is a Nashville Video Company and whiteboard animation company that makes killer videos for people that rock.  Do you rock?  Do you want a killer video?  Give us a call.  We would love to craft something hand drawn for you.

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