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Want to know how to save money on your next video production?  Video Production can get expensive FAST. Here are a few tips on how to save money on video production.


How to save money on your next video production

Hi I’m Nick from WeMakeVideos. In this video, I’m going to walk you through some things you can do to save some money on your production. Many people are on a budget and want to save money however they can on their video.  Yes there are ways to keep the costs down when hiring a video production company to make a video for you.   Here are a  couple of ways you can do just that.nashville video production money saving tips and tricks corporate video

The first, is limiting the number of people, places and props. This seems really obvious but it is easy for the production to get big and therefore costly. Nearly everyone that calls us, wants some type of group or party scene and that means you have to pay all of those people to be at the shoot! Other people have grand visions of their product in a prominent place and that means permits and location rentals. Or they want their product in 10 different locations and all the moving around and set up time is very costly. The last element is wardrobe and props. If you want specific clothing colors or devices in the shot, if we don’t already have it, then you are going to have to spend money for those things. For some people, this is completely fine but I always want to advise people on how they can make their production work with their budget and limiting the number of people, places and props will help.

The second is doing your own scripting. It won’t save you a ton of money because we will still need to do some editing on your script and then the storyboard.  But you can always do your own script to save a couple hundred dollars.  These are just a few money-saving tips for your next video.

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