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Crowdfunding video production is an art. Need to get funded on kickstarter or indiegogo? We will create the perfect video for you and make you look great! Here’s one example:

We recently got hit up to help out a guy on  He wanted to build a mobile app and need to do it via some crowdfunding.  He already had started his project and wanted to up his game with a fun whiteboard video, so we went to work.  Take a look at the video below or see some of our other crowdfunding videos we have created.

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From the beginning of time every species on this earth has had one primary goal, to reproduce. It’s hardwired in our chemical makeup to procreate and continue life. In most species, the female releases pheromones which gives signals to the male when they are in the mood. Although it’s still hotly debated whether the human species has the ability to emit and receive pheromones one thing is for sure, it’s women who have a constantly changing chemical makeup which increases AND decreases her sexual desire.

The Perfect Score

Think of a light switch. When the light switch is on you’re in the mood and when it’s off you’re not. For the most part, a man’s light switch is ALWAYS on… but a woman’s light switch turns on and off throughout her menstrual cycle. Makes sense that we are always on because we don’t know when she will be and we have to be ready, right. So the bad news is that women are hot and cold when it comes to sexual desire. But here’s the good news: It is 100% predictable!

Imagine this chart represents your sexual mood with the left hand side of the chart showing your chance for sex and at the bottom the 28 days in a woman’s cycle.  Typically,when a woman asks for sex we know where men fall…  right at the top.  But for a woman it is vastly different. Their sexual desire fluctuates throughout her 28 day cycle with peaks and valleys and lots of “No’s” and “don’t touch me’s”.  (feel free to make the ‘nos’ and ‘don’t touch me’s’ funny voiced’

Imagine if YOU were armed with this data.  Knowing that you could predict when your significant other’s sexual mood is trending up or trending down increases chances for success and improves your intimacy in the bedroom.

What we want to do is manufacture a mobile app that will keep track of those days for you. That way you don’t have to think about it… Having this app will mitigate your risk for rejection, increase your sex output, and ultimately better your sex life.  So please, back our campaign and have more sex.

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