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“You’re a Nashville video production company but what do you do?”

nashville-video-production-wemakevideosBenefits Working With Professional Video Production Companies?  Yes, our name is WeMakeVideos and yes, WMV Video Productions. The idea is simple but the process is really quite complex on our end. Don’t frown. It’s a great thing for you because we handle all of the hassle of people, places and props.

When you hire us to do a product commercial or to capture a speech from a key person, you aren’t just getting a guy with an iPhone showing up at your door. Details on the equipment needed for lighting, how to capture the audio so it is crystal clear and then of course, what camera is right for the job is all part of what we do before we show up for the gig. We aim to have the conversations with you on what type of video look, style, tone, emotion and purpose you are wanting so that we can take that info and translate it into a fantastic visual for your audience, customers, clients or investors.

One of the things I love about this picture is that it kind of, sort of, almost captures a fraction of the elements that go into your video production project. Notice the studio, the lights, the camera, the monitor, the model, the makeup, the props… they all play their part.

Sometimes seeing is believing so we wanted to just do a quick post on one of the questions that we get most, which is what are you paying for when you hire us. While I’m not providing a spreadsheet of itemized cost, I hope you can just use the image here as a bit of insight into what WeMakeVideos brings to the table.

Benefits Working With Professional Video Production Companies

Benefits Working With Professional Video Production Companies are impressive. See why it is a good idea to learn what they offer before doing it on your own.  Everything from saving your valuable time to getting the perfect script, and the right end result – and in the best format for your audience are all things Professional Video Companies will offer. We Make vides does that too.

We look forward to discussing your next product video, commercial, corporate video, tutorial, animation or crowd funding video soon!  Give us a call: 615-852-5869

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