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Videomaker magazine Rated us #1 video company to make Kickstarter videos for your crowdfunding campaign. We love crowdfunding videos. We make lots of videos for Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns.  They are a ton of fun to make and we feel like we are getting a knack for getting small business startups funded and on their way to growing their business.  Even though we DRASTICALLY cut our video production rates for crowdfunding campaigns (we have a soft spot for small business startups) sometimes paying out cash to have a video production company write, record and shine up a tasty video just is not in the cards.


Videomaker magazine wrote a terrific article to all business owners considering a Kickstarter campaign and mentioned WeMakeVideos as the pro’s to hire if you want to hire a video production company to create a video for you.  It runs through all the questions you should definitely ask yourself before pursuing any type of video, but niched down to the nuts and bolts of crafting your own crowdfunding video.  It is a terrific read for anyone thinking about getting a video made whether you hire a pro (hire us yeah!) or do it yourself.  It covers topics everything from tone of the video to how to make a video even if you don’t have camera.

videomaker wemakevideos nashville video productionVideomaker magazine Rated us #1 video company to make Kickstarter videos

We love crowdfunding videos.Learn more today.Thanks to everyone at Videomaker magazine and to all of our successful Kickstarter clients.  Here’s to your next business venture!

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