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Need an online video editor? Of course you do! That’s why you are here, because you have some video you either shot or acquired and now you need someone online to do some video editing.  You need video editing…. online!online video editor wemakevideos nashville

Luckily, WeMakeVideos has a whole crew of online video editors ready to take your raw footage, pictures and ideas and craft them in to a professional HD video that you will be proud of.  Whether you need a video for your business/corporate work, personal or even something in between we can make something just right for you.

Online Video Editor Service Process

So as with anything I am sure you are wondering, “How does this all work?”  It is actually ridiculously simple.

Online video editing made simple:

1. Tell us what you want
2. Send us the idea for your video along with any footage or pictures you may have
3. We edit the video
4. We upload it to youtube/vimeo for you share immediately or send you the finished file so you can post it yourself.

Video Editor Online Step 1 – Tell us what you want

Give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you are thinking for your video.  If you don’t know exactly what you want, that’s ok.  We can have a fun brainstorming session with you to figure out exactly what you need for your video goals.  After we know what you want we can figure out how much time we need to spend on it and give you a quote.  The good thing about our quotes is that they don’t change.  Once we decide on a price, that is the price….unlike some other video companies (mmm hmmmm I said it)

Video Editor Online Step 2 – Send us the footage

Many of our clients have an idea for their video and need us to start from scratch.  That is totally fine, but if you already have video footage or pictures that you have taken EVEN BETTER!  It will save both of us on time and cost because we don’t need to generate that stuff from scratch.  There are many ways to get us all the assets you want in your video (like videos from your iPhone or pictures).  You can either send us a hard drive with everything on it OR usually we just use a free service like dropbox to send big files over the internet.  As hard as this may seem, it is actually a really easy thing to do and we can help make this process easy as pie.

Video Editor Online Step 3 – We edit the videovideo editor online wemakevideos post production

Now that we know what you want and have any video/pictures/logos you may have, we can get off to editing.  Depending on the project we can usually knock stuff out in a couple of days, but if it is a bigger project it could take up to 2 weeks.  We also discuss this process before we start so there is no confusion on timelines and when you will get your video.  We consider this “fun” part of the process because we get to do what we love doing, online video editing!  We create custom motion graphics, intros, outros, add music and fire and dragons or anything you need. (Usually we don’t get to add fire or dragons, but we really want to so please ask for this service)

Video Editor Online Step 4 – We upload the video so you can review it and share it

After we are done editing the video, we upload it to a place online where you can watch it on your phone or computer and then give us some notes.  This is great, because you can be just about anywhere and let us know your thoughts on the video so we can get cracking on any revisions you may need.  After you send us your notes, we make the proper revisions and send you a link that you can immediately share online for your business or on Facebook.  Alternatively, we can send the entire video file for you to download so you can upload it to your own youtube channel or put on a dvd yourself.

In the end hiring an online video editor, like us, is a simple process.  If you want to discuss your video project and see what we can do for you why don’t you drop us a line: OR 615-852-5869

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