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What is a storyboard?  Should you use one in your next video production? Amy, from WeMakeVideos, answers that question in this video.  Since we work with clients all over the world, the use of a storyboard is imperative.  Since many people don’t have the budget to fly around a video production crew or have time to fly to Nashville,  a storyboard puts everyone on the same page.  With a storyboard you can see exactly how the video is going to be shot and make quality creative decisions before we even get a camera out or start hiring actors.  Since all the work is done before we shoot, the shoot day is relaxing and the post production process is a breeze.

Take a look at the video below and see how a storyboard can help you make your next video shine!


 Nashville Video Company – What is a Storyboard?

Hi I’m Amy from WeMakeVideos. In this video I’m going to explain the importance of a storyboard in the video pre-production process. When you are planning your video, you need a plan. This usually includes a script or at least a rough outline of what you are going to talk about. The next step is one that is sometimes skipped, which then create some real problems- it is the storyboard.

The storyboard takes the script and breaks it into chunks. Then it lists what the visual is going to be for each of those segments. It sounds tedious and a little silly but you’d be amazed how many times people talk about a feature in the script and then don’t have that feature on video to show it off! Yes, you can make shot lists but it is best to be precise in EVERYTHING you want footage of so that you aren’t leaving the editor confused on what to put on screen during the video. Doing a storyboard and following it makes for an easier shoot, a better chance of having all the footage you need therefore avoiding a reshoot and allows for a faster, more organized edit. Overall, it ensures that the end product is exactly what you want it to be.

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