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Vimeo Review. Why you should be using Vimeo streaming video service for your business.

Vimeo.  Just the name brings a tear to my eye.  So many video players out there providing free video hosting, like Youtube, but I still pay for the bad boy – Vimeo.  Why would someone do such a thing…

Vimeo is awesome.  They have a free video hosting service to anyone that wants to upload videos and embed them on their site, but they also have a yearly subscription plan that is ridiculously cost effective and allows you some awesome features.  What kind of features?  I’m glad you asked.  There are a TON of extras you get as a premium member, but let me fill you in on the ones that make the nerd in me do a funny dance that secured my dateless adolescence…

High Definition Embeds – For a video company trying to show off work, this is a must

No Bandwidth Cap – I think this speaks for itself. If you can’t watch my videos, what is the point?

Automatically Streams Correct Bandwidth – So if you are watching a video no a huge flatscreen it gives you the HD file, but if you are in the middle of the desert on 3g cell service they automatically serve you a video file that you can actually play.  Yeah, that is soooo awesome.  Youtube kinda does this, but not as good as vimeo.

Advanced Statistics – I need to know if people are finishing my video and sharing it with friends.  Vimeo fills me in on what I need to know.

Password Protection Some clients don’t want their video public for a variety of reasons. With password protection I can share revisions with them without having to send them massive video files and still keep it private.

Customizable Embeds When I post a video to my site I don’t want some schmucks videos about cat training to show up after my beautiful story on worldwide hunger initiatives (HELLO YOUTUBE!).  With Vimeo you can set your own videos to play next, set a collection for the viewer to see, or just have a few lines of text show up saying whatever you want.

Also, my absolute favorite part of vimeo is that it is native in Mac OS.  After I finish creating a video for a client I have a routine where I immediately open a browser, upload it, tag it with metadata, copy the url and then send to client.  Now with Mac OS I can just right click the file and I am done. Seriously, it is that easy.

Nashville Video Production - video upload

In the end, Vimeo rocks.  I am in no way endorsed by Vimeo. I am writing this blog post because they do, in my opinion, the best job at serving video online and for someone that lives, works and makes money to feed my family through streaming video…. I think it’s pretty important stuff. Go forth and make your own videos or have someone awesome make them for you.

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