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White or black background do you ask? Shooting against a solid color like white or black is a very popular choice for web videos. It helps to create a personal setting and also takes all the distraction out of the video so your audience can focus on the subject.

white backdrop
Shooting on a White Background

Shooting on a white background can make life a lot easier but it also can be done very wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. White backdrops offer a clean and crisp canvas, if you are shooting multiple videos everything will look uniform and it also offers a place to put other photos, logos or even text to add more to your message. Many times you will see kids being filmed on a white backdrop because what they are usually talking about is a little more fun and light hearted, you don’t want a busy background when you want the kids to be the focus. Could you imagine Apple commercials on anything other then a white background…I don’t think so.

Shooting on a Black Background

Black backgrounds usually take a more serious tone. This type if background is great for interviews so your speaker is the focus of attention, this isshoot on black backdrop great if the location of your interview is not important. Black backgrounds are easy to set up and they take away distractions just like the white background does. Colors also really pops on a black backdrop they seem to come alive a little more. As stated before black creates more of a dramatic tone, best for adults or interviews.

Whether you choose black or white just think of the tone you want your video to have, is it a commercial, a live stream or virtual event? Maybe a corporate interview? Are you filming children or interviewing adults? These things all play into what you want as your background.  If you still don’t know which one to choose, drop us a line.  We would be happy to help 🙂