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Global Travel Clothing approached us about creating three separate videos for their Joey Jackets that could be compiled into one for their crowdfunding campaign. With over 10 water-resistant pockets in various sizes, these jacket are ideal for people who want to leave the purse or bag at home. Since the three separate videos needed to be made into a single commercial, we decided to have storylines that could interlace and stand alone. We chose to highlight the advantages of the jackets for the mom on the go, gadget-lover and the traveler. Each video touched on different elements of the product, so that the final video highlighted all of the features of the Joey Jackets without being redundant.

For the Parent: “Ditch the Diaper Bag”

For the Gadget Lover:

For the Traveler:

Combination Video:

If you are starting your own Kickstarter venture, we would love to partner with you to create the perfect video for your product or company.