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2015 has been a huge year for WMV Productions. Not only has our company grown, but we have worked with so many amazing people and products, so let’s get down to it!

First let’s introduce you to the few new faces of the WMV Productions family.
Kickstarter Video production Nashville
Alyssa Pulice came on board at the end of 2014 all the way from New Jersey. She started off as our in-house blogger and social media guru, and all of that hard work has expanded into her new role as producer. She made the move to Nashville in April and has been growing our Kickstarter department and gaining knowledge in the world of production. Alyssa just celebrated her one year with us and we are thrilled to have her on the team.

Nashville film video productionWith all the work we have been doing in the past 8 months it was only smart to bring on a new creative mind to help our Creative Director with some of the project editing and on set help. Coming to Nashville from Indiana, Lemmy Saylor has grown his skill set on and off location and pushed the entire crew to go beyond our own creative boundaries.

We are excited to see where this new team takes us and are ready to see how much more we can take on with the extra hands and the extra creative minds. As we grow internally, we also want to expand our reach externally.

Since 2011, we have been creating crowdfunding videos and take pride ourselves in being a collaborative video partner with entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. Here are some of the projects we had the pleasure of working on this year.

Shape and Bake– This one of a kind stainless steel bakeware was created for home bakers who wanted unique cakes, but also wanted to save time and money. With a variety of metal pieces that can be connected easily and interchangeably, the possibilities are endless for the next office holiday party or child’s birthday party. For two days, our producers were baking and experimenting with the product. Not only were we covered in frosting and cake batter, but we came up some pretty wonderful cakes and of course, a great video.

Tic Tac Tile – With over 20 years of experience, this client gives anyone the chance to give their homes a facelift with no mess and easy installation. Tic Tac Tile is changing the way you think of tile by creating 3D self-adhesive tiles that you can just peel and stick to create your new bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Shooting took place over several days and in multiple locations, and the owners who allowed up to tile their homes still have the tiles up in their kitchen. While the original project was for a Kickstarter video, we were able to also create a How-To video for the client. There are always innovative ways to repurpose footage, and we enjoy working with clients to see what additional videos are possible with each new project.

Force Glove – The Force Glove is a new gaming glove that works with haptic technology and pairs up with games already on the market. By allowing you to use full range and motion of your hands and fingers, you can truly become one with your game. With a black backdrop in the studio, we used a spotlight on the actor to showcase the full capabilities of the product. We were able to use our new mannequin hand and our SMS (a human size Lazy Susan) to capture dynamic action shots when both elements were in use. 

Relic Pizza Oven –  This product turns any circular grill into a pizza oven with just a few pieces. Made from local, natural and environmentally friendly materials, this oven is understandably a point of pride for the company. We enjoyed spending time with the creators who were easy to collaborate with and kept things on set light-hearted–even for a two-day outdoor shoot in the heat of the Nashville summer.   

As a company filled with entrepreneurs, we thrive on helping other start-ups achieve their vision for their crowdfunding campaigns. We understand what it takes to be creative with time and resources in the beginning, so we have tailored packages for crowdfunding because no two projects will ever be the same. Here are some of our crowdfunding partners of the past year. 

Louisiana Grills –  Probably one of the most challenging aspects of this shoot was to make it feel like it was the summer in the bitter cold of January. Working with food can be time-consuming as it needs constant attention, and that’s where a food stylist or chef on set is essential–thankfully, we had the latter. While the concept of the video was to highlight the grill’s features, the gorgeously-styled food enhanced the overall video. Often times, it is in the details where the magic happens for a video. We believe that every small touch resulted in a well-rounded vision, and we are proud to have been a partner for this campaign.

PowerFilm, Helio Vault – PowerFilm started with creating a foldable, lightweight and highly durable solar module that was used to provide power to American military troops overseas. However, the military-grade version of this product was not economically accessible to most consumers—meet Helio Vault. This product can replace gas generators and can be used for everything from camping to tailgates. Our Creative Director, Nick, arrived on location in Ames, Iowa and worked with the team there to showcase the versatility of the Helio Vault in real-world scenarios. While we enjoy working with companies in our own backyard, we often travel around the country to work with innovative partners and look forward to working with this team again.

2015 has been a huge year for us. As we continue to grow our WMV Video Productions family with new employees and new clients, we can’t wait to be your partner when creating the next video for your product or company.

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