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What is an explainer video? It is exactly what it sounds like…it explains something! These are short videos that are used by brands, companies or corporations to show how a product or service works. Many explainer videos are not necessarily live people they can be animated video wwhiteboard-animation-ith characters, whiteboard animation, claymation, the list goes on. Here at We Make Video we do a lot of whiteboard animation and character animation videos and they come out awesome. White board animation has come along way it used to be created by using an actual whiteboard and someone filming what was being written. Now things have become fully digital but they try and recreate the classic. Everyone knows a whiteboard is way better than a chalkboard, right?

Explainer videos usually are 1-2 minute videos that get your point across very quickly. They also have many advantages over traditional text. First, who would want to read a few paragraphs instead of watching a 1-2 minute video…noone. Remember everyone saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ could you imagine how many words a video is worth? This is really a great way to share your personality and bring it to your brand or company.

Another advantage is that the video format gets notices over the other materials online. Have you ever realized that when you Google something the videos float to the top…your video could be one of those! To say it blunt- create a video, if you do not people wont see what you have to say. Everyone wants to rank higher on a Google search, having a video will help you with that and probably exceed your expectations.

whiteboard animation chalkIf we break it down into numbers 58% of people retain more information when it is from a video rather than text. 60% watch before reading. This is a great number for those social media lovers, people share 12x more posts with videos than text, and videos automatically generate more clicks.

Gaining popularity for your brand, explaining your products and also boosting your following are all ways for an explainer video to work with your company. If you are looking to create an explainer video, whether it be a whiteboard animation or a character animated video be sure to check out some of what we have done and see what would work best for you.