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There is a new kid on the block; slick, quick and larger then life. Can you guess what it is? You don’t have to wait much longer The New Canon EOS C100 Mark II is bringing autofocus in compact form. This is the second generation of the ever so popular Canon EOS C100. We have the things you need to know about the new Canon EOS C100 Mark II, you don’t want to miss C100Mark II

You no longer have to bring an extra microphone because the new camera has one built into its body! This is great solution for when you are working with the camera in small areas. Plus not having to lug around a boom microphone or a container of mic packs will only free up your space even more.

Everyone is so crazy over Wi-Fi right? Well then everyone will flip about this new feature. Wi-Fi file sharing! This will allow the new camera to function in many applications, transferring a time sensitive video back to the editing crew for an insanely fast turn around or just backing up your files. You are now able to do that with the click of a button. You will now be able to use a remote control with the camera simply using your laptop, a tablet or your Smartphone because of the Wi-Fi capabilities.

Processor upgrade!! The new EOS C100 Mark II incorporates a new image-processing platform the DIGIC DV 4. This offers much more improved image quality and limits the levels of noise when high ISO speeds are used. With all that went in to this new camera everything was taken one step into the future of video. Resolution has been improved and the image that you will record on the camera or output to an external recorder, the video will be significantly cleaner.

Canon c100 MarkIIThis new model uses a new 3.5- inch 1.23 megapixel display panel that offers almost 100% coverage. It will improve viewing in brightly lit situations like when you have a shoot outdoors, and also instead of the screen being on top on the camera like in the EOS C100 this model has the panel on the left side of the body and can be rotated. This will allow the screen to face towards the on-camera subject.

Autofocus is here to stay! One Shot AF, basically a quick focus button on the front of the camera it is faster and more responsive. Face autofocus is also a feature, it is capable of tracking more than one face at the same time. This will allow the videographer to be able to go from shot to shot automatically.

Full HD recording is also now possible because of the new processor in the camera. With both the high quality format and the web friendly MP4 format. Fast and slow motion recording is now available as well giving the Mark II users the HD frame rates required for the many different productions.

The best part is WeMakeVideos has already pre-ordered this bad boy and will be bringing the best camera on the market to your next video production.  Make sure to ask for the C100 Mark2!

Now you know what is new with the Canon C100 Mark II! After you have this new camera in hand take a look at the Top 5 Tips to Shooting Better Video and you too can be one of us!

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