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Everyone in the world today is looking to save money. Why would be creating a video for your company or just for yourself be any different? We have a few ways to make a cheaper video up our sleeves and are ready to share it with you!

First suggestion is do not be lazy and pay someone to write your script. Only you know what you want your video to say so how easy would it be if you just wrote it on paper before having to explain it to a scriptwriter you are wasting time when you really want to be saving money. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your own script, keep it short remember you only can hold peoples’ attention for six minutes before they start drifting. Try and keep your most important message in the beginning, it tells your audience what to listen to. Last suggestion is speak to your audience, focus on what they need to know and don’t waste your time saying things that they already know.cheaper videos

Almost everyone now a day has a SmartPhone with a pretty decent camera on them that can take really great photos and videos. So why not cut down on costs and use your own phone to shoot your video. Keeping your elbows in close to your body you will see less shaking when it comes to shooting your own video because the iPhone doesn’t come with a tripod. When you are shooting on your phone don’t forget to tap to focus so your picture comes out clear, you can even tap as you are shooting if you need to. If you are using your phone as your video camera do not hold it like a cell phone, you are going to want to hold it horizontal because that is usually how video screens are made.

ways to make cheaper videosAs we have said before, have a plan. The worst thing you could do when you are on a shoot is have a bunch of your employees sitting around getting paid to do nothing. You want to make sure you have something for everyone to do at any given time so you are not wasting your money and they are not wasting their time. Plan your shots, know the goal you are trying to achieve with the video as well. Don’t make your video shoot turn into a black hole of chaos.

There are more ways then one to make your video production cheaper, these are just a few that will help you get started. You can also always think about editing and finalizing the video on your own as well but lets start with getting your video finished. If you need a few more tips take a look at Top 5 Tips to Shooting Better Video.

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