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Have you ever clicked on a video and looked in the lower right hand corner only to see that the video is twelve minutes long, enter a long sigh here. You are at the three minute mark and you are thinking when is this going to end!

We are here to give you a solution to how long should your video be. We have an answer for you. There are a few different categories for tickyour video to fit under; corporate commercials, tutorials, animation and testimonial videos along with a long list of other types. Each have a different length that we in the production world can hold an attention of our audience for.

As a starting point most daily news commentary videos are between 60 to 90 seconds with them stopping at three minutes max. Having videos that are not only easy to find but are also long enough to hold your audience’s attention is a huge plus.

Social media and internet video isn’t much different, the faster you can get your point across the better. I know from personal experience when posting tutorials on social media you want them to have an attention grabber right in the front! With tutorials you want to really stick to 45-90 seconds, the goal of a tutorial is to show how it works but you want to show how simple it is. Simplicity = less time = happy customers.

Commercials, corporate or product related, these are videos everyone is familiar with. Have you noticed in the last five yclockears TV commercials have become not only more expensive but very very short. The most creative commercials are based on something clever, a situation or a story, usually less than 45 seconds. Keep in mind 59 seconds looks a lot better to your audience than 1:00 does!

Seconds and minutes aside you want to leave enough time in your video to get your point across. Remember to always have a plan and a backup plan because you never know in the world of production and video what will come up. The audience is only going to keep watching what they want to watch, make sure the attention grabber is right in the beginning just to be sure to hook them! Keeping your videos from 30 seconds to two minutes you will have at least 75% of your audience hooked.

As we like to make blogs short sweet and to the point, start making your videos short and sweet and see how many people will be filling your email with ideas for new videos! Good luck get to shooting! specializes in making short form videos that get people to take action like CLICK, LEARN or BUY NOW.  If you are looking to make a video that gets people to want to take action for you give us a call: 615-852-5869
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