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So you are experiencing a case of editors block… We are here to help. People who have a creative mind often get it in their head that they are never going to finish something but that is not the case. Editors block is a real thing in the production world just like writers block is real in the literary world. You just need to get up shake it off and get back to business. We have a few tips that hopefully keep you from pulling your hair out in front of your computer.
editors block

First off, how long have you been sitting at your computer staring at that screen? Has it been over two hours… if so stand up and spin around three times, then sit back down. Did you do that? Well now you can take your left hand and rub your tummy and take your right hand and pat your head at the same time!! Did you fall for it? As much as I would love for all of that to help you and it might, that’s not what we suggest.

These have worked for us, first suggestion put some music on. Even if you are working on a project that doesn’t require you to use music turn it on. And do not listen to music for your project until you absolutely have to. Listening to music while you edit is for you listen to what YOU want. Whether it is classical, rock, hip-hip, rap or country if you love it, play it. The point of this is to put you in a fun mood, you will also be more creative when editing.

Step away from the project. Go get a drink, go for a walk, just do something totally irrelevant to your project. Stepping away from the project doesn’t mean you are done for the day it means a quick break to clear your head and get back to work. Do not go on social media you will never get off…trust me.

If you are just starting to edit youeditors block is realr video pace yourself, start with your rough cut. A rough cut is where your shots start coming together; they do not flow well and still need to go through many changes to be a finished product. Next take the fine cut, where you are now going back in and putting the details on every cut, adding in transitions you will start to see everything come together. If you take a mini stretch break in between each stage you are going to find you get to the final cut a lot faster. Now the final cut is where the sound effects and music are created and added to the video this is very close to the final video.

We are coming up on the last bit of knowledge; think back to the last video you edited, when you were finished how good did it feel? Awesome of course! When you are stuck think back to that and just remember when you finish this video it will be liberating!

I the end, maybe you just need to just relax.  Let this guy put a smile on your face.  At over 24 MILLION views he has to be doing something right

So if you need to take a break, take it. Blast your music, plan it out and remember to step away when you need to. Once you are finished with your edited video jump on over to see How to Share your Video Online and you are on your way to being an online sensation.