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videographer training doe the student. Learn how to use video for business productions

( videographer training in the studio. Learn more about video development for marketing a business )

When it comes to corporate video, we know a thing or two. The founders have been in the business for over 10 years working with both Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, as well as other businesses around the world.

One thing we are completely open about is that not every video has to be an “expensive professional video”!  Now with smartphones in everyone’s pockets we all have the ability to make videos, but sometimes they don’t come out exactly as you pictured them.

Maybe the lighting was off or you just didn’t have enough time to spend editing your video because you are busy running your business!

Many of our clients have an in-house camera guy to capture their events and create content for social media channels. This is great! It gives you full-time access to someone that has some video experience. Usually the person hired is someone young and fresh out of school. They have some training but not the real in-the-field experience of a pro team. There is so much potential. And this is where we come in.

WMV Video Productions has a Corporate Videographer Training program that is focused on helping companies start their own video department, including the staffing and equipment shopping list, or enhance the abilities of their existing one.

We can do a videographer training bootcamp and spend a week with your employee(s) or we can do several visits, teaching lessons and providing assistance along the way. All training is tailored to the needs to the company and the abilities of the employee. Some of the most popular topics are listed below.

videographer training givesyou the skills to control video for your business

videographer training provides all the basics needed to either make your own video or work with a professional video production company

Videographer Training

  • Corporate Interview Setups
  • Working with YOUR Camera
  • How to Enhance Audio
  • Lighting Lessons (so everyone looks good)
  • Editing Techniques

Select any or all of the options above for a custom program for videographer training tailored to your specific needs all schedule it all at once or as your schedule allows.

When its time to film the CEO or create your product sales and marketing videos, then it is time to drop the cash and bring in the big guys (that’s us). In the meantime, let us help you train your video staffer (or intern) so you can utilize that resource and create decent, usable content internally.

If you would like to find out more about how we can teach your video team to step up their game, give us a call for a free no obligation consultation.  We can create a custom program designed to fit your needs and budget.

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