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Various Video Styles that Can Improve Your Conversion Rate. A quick overview that will help you consider options for video use. Be sure to use different types of videos. Your target audience should be excited about tuning into your videos so be sure they are understandable, well made and varied.

Video Styles that Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

Expert Interviews

You can use video to capture interviews you conduct with experts and influencers in your field. People love listening to those that they know to be movers and shakers, don’t be worried about asking people to let you interview them. You’ll be amazed at how many people will jump at the chance to be interviewed.

Demonstration Videos

If you want to show someone how to do something, video cannot be beaten. It doesn’t matter if it’s technical or gardening, or something else entirely; people enjoy looking up videos on YouTube to find out, how to do things and solve problems.

Talking Head Videos

When considering Video Styles that Can Improve Your Conversion Rate remember this is the most common form of video and you should do some of these, simply because people want to see your face and get to know you. Looking them in the eye and feeling as if you are talking directly to them is something that your audience will enjoy and respond to.

Slide Shows with Voice-Over

Another type of video that works extremely well is to create a slide show of images, or using PowerPoint and a voice-over explaining what the viewer is looking at, this is perhaps one of the most powerful types of video content.

How to Videos

A great way to start doing videos is to tell people how to do something. This is an awesome way to repurpose some of your former blog posts that might say how to do something, too.

Video Tips Series

Another really good thing to do with videos is to make a list of 10 tips, or 8 tips, and go through them really fast. You can then expand by making each tip one longer video in a series of videos

Sales Videos

These videos don’t go on YouTube but instead are made for landing pages and sales pages. They are also sometimes longer than other types of videos and use all the same conversion words, terms, and ideas that a well-crafted sales page uses.

Testimonial Videos

Although the shine has gone off of these of late with the number of fake testimonials being marketing, nothing beats a testimonial video especially if you can link it through to the actual person giving you the testimonial. Asking your customers to provide a testimonial video can be scary, but once you start, it brings each testimonial to life in a new engaging way.

Review Videos

You can make review videos on products, on websites, tools and almost anything of interest to your audience that will get a lot of views on and off your website. People want to know what you think, and it’s important to let them know.

Explainer Videos

You’ve seen these videos with the hand drawing while a voice-over takes place, explaining stats, data, and more? These are very popular and an excellent way to get more viewers and explain difficult concepts.

So try any of the above videos. You should consider adding at least two of them to your video marketing mix.  They  will boast your efforts. Having a variety of different types of videos will keep your viewers interested and build your audience.    There are several great Video Styles that Can Improve Your Conversion Rate.  Consider them all.

Bonus Idea For Video Marketing  – Live Events

Record your live events (like Google Hangouts or YouTube Live) and encourage your audience to ask questions of you live. Then post them later as videos. Not only will you get viewers live, but you’ll also get viewers later when you post the recording and don’t forget Google Hangouts automatically record to YouTube.

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