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The Most Important Part of Any Video

Have you considered what the most important part of any video is? See what Nick has to say about what can make or break your next video production!  There are so many things to think about when making a video.  What should I wear, where should I shoot it, what is the message going to be?  With all these questions to answer, are you considering the most important part of your video?  Check out what Nick has to say below about what he thinks many people overlook when trying to create an engaging video for their audience whether your selling to high class consumers or trying to get a ‘like’ from your friends…

Nashville Video Company – What is the most important aspect of my next video


Hi I’m Nick from WeMakeVideos. In this video I’m going to discuss the most important aspect of a marketing video for your company.  In today’s world it seems everyone is making videos. One major difference between videos that get watched and videos that get 10 views over their lifetime is audio.  The terrible part here is that you if you just bought a nice camera you think you have this video thing all figured out.  Unfortunately, audio is MORE important than video.  I know this sounds like a crazy notion especially since video is so big right now.  In reality you need both.

In doing research for this video I was overwhelmed by all the information related to this topic so I can not give you one source for this information.  Instead if you are interested, google “audio is more important than video”.  You will be amazed at the scientific and social findings on how audio affects us more than video.  To put it in an example, If you are watching an old movie that has bad picture quality…it’s black and white, has bad camera work and (for those of us that are a little older) has those little scan lines at the bottom like you copied it from a bunch of vhs tapes…you will still watch it.  BUT if the audio cuts in and out, or if you have to try hard to understand what the person is saying  because the audio is bad, you will turn the video off in the first few seconds.  Long gone is the time where we put up with bad video or audio.  Entire video camera packages available on sites like amazon, offer very affordable prices that can take care of all these potential problems that will immediately step you up above the majority of all the people that make videos and post to youtube.  If you plan on shooting a video for your company or website just remember these two hard rules:

1. Do NOT use the mic that is included with your camera. I am referring to the little microphone that is built in to your camera to capture all the sounds in the room you’re recording in.  This includes the dog barking, construction outside or someone running the dishwasher upstairs.  Even though it may sound good to you, no one can understand what you are saying. Trust me on this one. It holds the test of time.

2. Buy a microphone that you can wear on your body, also known as a lavalier microphone.  The benefit of this microphone is that you put it on your shirt less than a foot away from your mouth…which by the way is where you are speaking from.  Having this audio recording device so close to the source of the sound (your mouth) ensures that people hear you on your video just like they would in real life.   When you use a microphone that is built in to a camera, it is trying to mix together all the sound from the room.  When you are speaking on your video, people should only be worried about what you are saying and not about the dog barking or whatever else is happening in the area at the time.  Get a microphone and you are one step closer to creating an engaging video that people will want to watch.