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Bartender Bash Video Highlights – Nashville Lifestyle Magazine

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine Bartender Bash Video Highlights was a fun project for us. The BASH was actually pretty awesome. Need someone to video your next party? We can do that. We love parties.  Who doesn’t love parties except my 70 year old neighbor who somehow needs to turn his tv up to 11 to hear the weather forecast….again, but somehow has supersonic hearing when I have a friend over to chat.  Anyway, we love parties, so when Nashville Lifestyles Magazine asked us to come check out this years Bartender Bash we were out the door in a flash.  It was actually pretty awesome.  Bartenders from hot places all over the Nashville area set up shop and served their best cocktails.  It was a night of fun and DRINKS!  Not just to be a drinking party, celebrity judges were brought in to taste each of the cocktails and then award the best bartender with a classy (and expensive) bottle of liquor.

It was quite a night.  Check out how much fun it was below with the Nashville Lifestyles Bartender Bash highlight video:


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