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How do we get such amazing audio in our video productions?

How do we get such amazing audio in our video productions? The Zoom H4n and our years of experience in the music industry. We make sure you SOUND amazing. Many people ask how we get such amazing audio in our video productions.  There is a lot that goes in to audio and I shed a little tear every time someone asks me that question.  Our crew is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, so most of us have at one time or another been a musician and understands at the core how audio works and how to achieve superb quality every time.  For years, personally, I have strived to be able to record great audio and then tweak it perfection later in the edit bay.  While this is still a skill that takes years to learn, the learning curve has been dramatically cut by using top of the line gear like the ZOOM H4N AUDIO RECORDER.

The Zoom H4n in all her glory

The Zoom H4n In All Her Glory

Packed in to this little sound recorder, that is no larger than a child’s shoe, is a full production studio.  It has 2 inputs for microphones, 2 inputs for quarter inch cable (for guitars and other instrument) and has 2 amazing condenser microphones mounted to it.  Basically, no matter where I am there is an option to get the most amazing sound possible.  You still have to know “how” to get it, but now that I can pack this powerhouse in to my camera bag and roll up to the gig ready for anything…it makes the process super simple.

Because the Zoom H4n is so versatile, there has been times when I get to a gig (like a wedding) where many people want to put a microphone on the main speaker.  Of course it is ridiculous for the guy running sound for the wedding and the camera guy making the video to have multiple microphones on everyone.  With the H4N the is an easy fix and actually makes my job simpler.  Instead of setting up microphones for myself and managing them the whole time, I can just plug in the H4n in to the main soundboard and record everything that the sound guy is pumping in to the room.  Genius!

This really is just one scenario where the many capabilities of the H4n have helped me in a pinch when on a shoot.  There are so many bells and whistles to manage how you record the sound inside this little machine, I can be sure that I am getting exactly what I need while on-site and recorded at top of the line professional quality.  Pack this machine up with a couple of nice microphones and there is almost nothing that can stop us from getting sweet audio for any video production.

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Plug n Play Baby!

If you have watched any of our training videos on sound in the past, we showed you exactly how important audio is to any video production and why we take it SO SERIOUSLY.  If people can’t hear you OR do not want to hear your voice, they can’t hear what you have to say and will turn the video off.  So we do it right.  We use the Zoom H4n combined with many years in the music industry to make sure that when you speak people listen.

For the nerds out there, here is a video review of the Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

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