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Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes, wouldn’t you like to be the only booth that people remember? We know how to make that happen. Your trade show display tells it all. Are you using banners, or just your smiling face? I think we need to step it up a little bit. Why not use some video for a really great visual display.

Trade show booths are usually made up of displays designed for a wall surface, as I said it could be graphic image banner or Velcro fabric where you can attach matradeshowsny different photos and posters. A lot of companies rent space from shows to showcase what their company does. They design their trade show booth to attract visitors when they approach the booth. Why create a booth? There really are only a handful of reasons why trade shows can be helpful to you, to sell, to launch, to correct a mistake, to create an impression and to create incentive!

As I said there are many different types of displays for trade shows. You have a table top display, which usually is created for trade shows to pop up like a tent and is easily collapsible. There table covers, which is pretty much a tablecloth with your logo, catch phrase or motto. There are banner stands where a large graphic can be presented. These are just some of the many different trade show displays the one we are going to focus the most on is one that you will see popping up all over the place, videos!

Many companies already have a professionally made video showing what they do, whether it is a commercial or video testimonials or even a photo montage these are great things to play on a loop when you are participating in a trade show. This will not only help you take a step above your competitors you will be able to send your message and grab the attention of your audience. Everyone has beentrade show to at least one trade show or an expo (car, boat, toy, or even the chocolate expo) you can not tell me that the chocolate fountain booth didn’t lure you in! It makes you look good. At a trade show with 100 other companies just like you are trying to win over the audience.

There are three separate approaches when it comes to videos for trade show events, the attractor, the message and a perfect presentation. The attractor is a very high-energy video that engages your audience in conversation to tell them more about your company. The message take on a trade show video is to use your corporate video and present your information in shorter clips, as people pass by your booth no matter what rotation your trade show video is on you want your audience to leave with something. Make them remember you. The perfect presentation really works as an aid tool, while you are talking to your audience in your booth your video is playing behind you as a tool to help you as best as it can to keep you on track for a clear and concise presentation.

In all these trade show antics you really want to walk away with one thing. Get your audience to remember you and not someone else. You have worked hard to get where you are, take the time and get a company to create your next trade show booth design and more importantly your new video.