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Photo montage…sounds fancy right? It is not! Photo montage is the process of cutting and putting photos together to create a video-like montage. With the editing software that is out today you can do some pretty amazing things. Going back a few years to the early days of photo montage you will recognize the word scrapbook, using photos, text, and journal entries and putting them on a piece of paper for family and friends to see. Now with everything being “easier” and going on line scrapbooks were made digital. The only real difference is that old fashion scrapbooks are more cut and sharp and pieced together where as montages are a blend of flowing photos and images changing on a screen smoothly.

There are many tools to help you create your photo montage; I have seen them online, for a desktop, iPhone, and even an iPad. The best photo collage maker would be Final Cut if you are lucky enough to get it.

Here is a breakdown of five tools that we recommend.

One: Picture Collage Maker

This is a very easy to use collage maker that allows you to make collages on both Windows and Mac. It is make by PearlMountain and it is very affordable only $39.99. This collage maker can make different layouts, posters, and calendars. There are many different templates to create your perfect collage.

Two: Fotor

online video montage producer nashvilleThis tool is a professional level web based photo editor that you can do everything online which is a total time saver. With this tool you are able to pick four types collages, photomontage, photo stitching, template collage and funky collage (whatever that is). This is a quick editor that you only need to take 5 easy steps to create your masterpiece. Winner on this one is it is FREE!

Three: Picasa

This is an app that you can use on your Mac or Windows computer and you can even get it as a Chrome App. This is a Google image and photo organizer, you can experiment with different collage creations and there is easy ways to share these as well with Web Albums. This is made by Google and is also a free app.

Four: iMovie

iMovie allows you to pull images and video into one place to create your photo montage. As you probably can tell Apple makes iMovie for Mac and iOS products. From pulling your video in and your photos and from there you are able to edit your photos, add different titles and add many different effects. This now comes one the new Mac computers and even the iPads and iPads. This is so easy to use as long as you have the time you will be able to create something new.

Five: Final Cut

Final Cut is the industry stanFinal Cut Photomontagedard of video editing software. This is the most expensive of the editing software running around $1000.00. This will allow you to do everything with your pictures and videos. You will be able to fade in, dissolve out and have any of the transitions you are looking for your pictures to have. Usually Final Cut is what you see on computers in large production companies editing rooms.

Photo montages are very useful when you are trying to put together a family album or even if you have been on a company retreat you could showcase everything you did. WMV Video Productions have done this in the past take a look!