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Sporting event videos are a breed all of there own. There is a lot of planning that goes into these types of shoots. Every shoot has linebackers to dodge and baskets to make and it is your job to tackle them. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a sporting event video production company in Nashville.

As with any video situation there are many things to consider. Is this event indoors or outdoors, is it rainy, sunny or cloudy, all these things matter when shooting your own sporting event. Most important do you have a camera? If not check out our review on The New Canon EOS C100 Mark II, we compared it to the older camera and do believe it is the way to go if you are looking to purchase a new camera and have a little extra money to spend for quality.

shooting sporting eventsShooting sporting event videos can be tricky because football, basketball and any sport for that matter are usually very fast paced so timing and set up is really very important. Lets start with the planning, is your camera charged? Will you need an outlet to plug in and charge extra batteries? Even if you only have a camera phone like an Android or an iPhone make sure it has a quick zoom and a great battery it will make your video a little smoother when shooting. You will not be as frantic when you are at the event if you are prepared. Where will you be shooting? Will the sun be in the view of the camera, if so you might want to consider moving so the sun is behind you.

When shooting sporting event videos, if you do not know the sport you are taping that might be a little bit of an issue. If you are watching a football came and don’t really know what 3rd and 9 means you might want to have a professional come in and shoot for you. It will be easier to anticipate your shots when you know what is happening. Wide shots allow you to not miss anything in the shot, and then you can zoom in for the after touchdown dance on the sidelines.

If you are at the game and using your camera phone or an on camera microphone your video is going to pick up all the sounds around you. That is obviously not the best sound quality but it will do. Friendly word of advice, don’t start shouting to loudly when someone makes a basket or scores a touchdown, people want to see what happens and have their own reaction, do not do it for them.sporting event videos

Did that one goal that we suggested you not cheer for make the winning goal? This is something that everyone misses, you have to interview the players, and it helps tell your story. Get the player who shot the winning goal or the caught the touchdown pass, you can even interview the coach. When your client (family member) looks back on this in 20 years they will be happy to get the reaction that was happening in that moment, the feelings and the excitement.

This is a way to show yourself what you can do, grab your camera get to the field and see what you can come up with! If you need help give us a call. Sporting event videos are tricky to shoot but once you plan you will get the hang of it.  If you want a video production company to shoot your next football, basketball, soccer or any other sporting event, give us a call.

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