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Why use whiteboard animation? 1. Speak directly to your audience 2.explain what features or benefits they will receive. 3. Clearly demonstrate why easily.

As we have talked about whiteboard animation before we are going to give you another rundown! Whiteboard animation is a process where a storyboard with pictures is created on a whiteboard while the artists record themselves in the process. Whiteboard animation videos are mostly seen throughout the Internet and even in some corporate settings. In all whiteboard animation there has to be a few things, a story, some human touch, make it simple and there obviously has to be some drawing.

whiteboard animationAre your corporate meetings really long and sometimes a bit boring? Why not add to your presentation with this new animation. This speaks directly to your audience; explaining what features or benefits they will get out of your product are right there in front of them. The motion of animation should keep your employees and coworkers focused on your product rather then have their minds wander. You will be able to keep the voice of your brand in the forefront of your video so whoever is in your meeting they will know exactly who the presentation is from. The great thing about this video method is it works for a wide variety of companies, from information technology companies to fashion designers this will work.

Whiteboard animations really allow you to use your imagination and creativity. When you are creating a new website or just starting out with a new business this is really the way to go. This tactic is an awesome sales pitch, this helps you, the company, show your message in a way that the audience will understand and be able to hop on board even faster. Being creative with your animation videos is also really going to help you in the long run. When people are clicking through a website you want them be intrigued by your site, how nice would it be if they were taken to your website and the first twhiteboard Animation1hing they see is a whiteboard animation video welcoming them into your site. You can be as creative as you want with this one, draw attention to yourself, and get your name out there. Make them choose you and not your competitor.

Also do not think small, think big when you are doing these videos. I bet you will never guess where you can find some of these videos. Well I will tell you. Did you ever think you would see this on the President of the United States website…well go and look, it is there. What about the opening credits of a TV show? Long on to Netflix and check out Weeds, you will see it there. They even use it on ESPN.

So ask if you still need to ask, why use whiteboard animation? Plain and simple, it really does works.