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There are three aspects of corporate video production that every company needs to understand and we are here to break them down for you. There is tone, branding and purpose. Every company looking to create a corporate video needs to take a step back and really figure out what they want their company to look like and say to the world. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and viewed only by a limited or targeted audience. Corporate video production can also be called company marketing managed by the communications department. Some examples of corporate marketing can be staff training, safety videos or even question and answer videos.

Let’s start with the purpose of your video. You can use video to sell a lot of things, products, wisdom and you can do that on some platforms in six seconds. The most difficult to sell is your purpose. Ask yourself and your company “Why you are making this video?” you think that is a silly qpurpose corporate videouestion but it really will help you make the difference between getting your point across and sending a mess out into space. You need to know for yourself what your audience is going to get out of watching your video. Planning out your purpose and knowing how others are going to view your company, you will not have the director saying, “We can edit that out later.” Have a plan, it will help you stay relaxed and stay more conversational which in our world today is key. So define your purpose- what is the move you want your audience to take? Is it to buy, to sign up, to understand a product or just to get them to laugh it needs to be determined upfront right away. Remember if think of another angel it can always be used in another video.

Now we are going to talk about tone. Tone is simply the personality of your video, how do you want it to come across? Giving your company a voice is only going to set you apart from the others. Example you are a candy company you want your tone to say fun, friendly and delicious. You don’t want to have a dull commercial you want something lively. If your company was a person, who would it be? Keep it simple pick three words and make them your tone! Think of your tone as how you would want your company tagline to sound.

Branding, how do you look to your audience? Do you needs some flare? How are you going to be set apart? Think of a Progressive commercial the second they pop up on the television youcorporate video production know what the company is. That is what you want when someone looks at your video. Whether it be the type of editing you do or the type of tone you have in your video do you stand out? Here is another example, when you are looking at three resumes which one are you going to gravitate to, the one that is just plain black and white, dare I say generic, or the one that might be two columns and have blue on it? I bet you are going to look at the one that is different first. I dare you to try!

The key to corporate video production is simple. Have a plan, just like in everything we talk about it will make things go so much smoother. Come up with your company personality. And ask the company this question what do you want the audience to take away from it? With this information you should be set to produce your corporate video.

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