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It is that time of year again…Happy Holidays!!! We have the perfect solution for your son, daughter, your Secret Santa or just that one you are always stumped on, that video or photo geek! Worry no more; we have the gifts for your video geek.

Gifts for GeeksEvery videographer needs a Clapperboard, a lot of people just thing this is for the direct to say “Action!” but this is actually a device used in filmmaking and video production to keep the picture and sound in sync. A traditional clapperboard is usually a wooden slate with a hinged clap stick attached. Modern slate boards are made of whiteboard or acrylic glass. On to gift number two!

If your photographer loves the art of a “selfie” or just needs a longer arm they need an iStabilizer Monopod aka the Selfie Stick! This is made using twist-to-lock technology that can extend your arm three feet. If that doesn’t create the best selfie I don’t know what will. You can find them anywhere and they will not break the bank…great stocking stuffer. **Hint hint**

Gift for Video GeekIt might be tiny but it packs a large sound, the one and only Mighty Mic. This would be a great gift for someone who is using his or her phone as a video camera (don’t laugh…it can be done). This is a pro-grade shotgun microphone, shrunken down to use with your phone for clear, crisp, high quality sound. Plug it in and you are ready to go.

This next gift is pretty amazing. When you have someone who spends most of their time on Photoshop or Final cut this might be a fun little gift that will help them fly through their editing projects. The Keyboard Shortcut Skin is a custom color-coded keyboard that lies over their keyboard they already have. If they don’t love it then send it to me! It would really come in handy.Gifts for Video

Speaking of handy, have you ever seen a video that has narrow shots or seems a bit unsteady? They must have not had a Digipower Compact Flexible Tripod. As everyone knows steady video is the best video, you won’t have people getting ‘sea sick’ while watching your videos. This tripod is flexible so if you have uneven ground you will still be able to have a visually perfect video. It is compact and really accessible anywhere.

Cameras, video cameras and really any electronics need to be cleaned so a Professional Cleaning Kit is very necessary. Whether it is cleansing cloths or a fill on kit with a lens brush, an air blower cleaner with spray bottles all of these are great ways to start off. Scratches and fingerprints are never appreciated in good video or pictures for that matter.

If your video geek is planning a trip for climbing a large mountain or taking a scuba diving trip in the Caribbean they are going Gifts for Video Geeksto need to document the trip…GoPro it is! This creates sharp video, battery life is over two hours and can record more of the sound your want and filter out what you don’t want. This gift will be on more of the expensive side but if you want to do gifts right it will give you total brownie points. The GoPro comes with a waterproof case so the camera wont get damaged, it also comes with a mount so you can place it on a helmet or put it on your dashboard to record wild and crazy roundtrips the possibilities are endless.

Last gift on our list, who wouldn’t want to sit in a nice Directors Chair so everyone knows who is the boss. These are very easy to come by or even easy to make. You can get them personalized with whom you are giving it to or you can just have it say Director on the back. Everyone wants to feel important so why not get them a chair that is just for them.

These are just some of the gift ideas that I would want from my family or friends. Great for the photographer in the family or your personal videographer, you can’t go wrong.