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Chances are if you own a business, it’s considered a small business. By no means does the term “small’ describe the time, money, and passion you have put into it.  In fact, there is nothing small to you about your business. After all, you’re an entrepreneur, a go-getter. You have a vision, and you will persevere until that vision becomes a reality.

What if you work for a small business? You believe in the goals and aspirations of the business. You are also someone who has been entrusted to help reach the next level.  We understand what you are going through as a small business. We know the triumphs and struggles that can come along with the journey.

Is your vision being shared with others in the right way?Growth chart with arrow for small business

If you want others to see your business as you see it, there is no better way to do that than through a small business video production. Video can show your potential customers exactly what you want because you are in charge of the message.  You can share your story, values, and why you do what you do. A small business video production can also help you establish an identity with consumers while showcasing your product or service. Video has a much wider reach than any other marketing tool.

Video is a captivating way to get a small business’ message out to consumers. Working with a small business video production company, you can rest assured that we can grab audiences’ attention.

Video has the power to foster all types of emotions. You can move them emotionally to take action to purchase your product or service. You can make them laugh, cry, or give them a sense of well-being. It is all about eliciting an emotional reaction. Emotions drive us to make decisions about what we decide to buy and not buy.
We understand it may seem easier to run an ad in a newspaper or in a free online forum, but in the long run, it will cause frustration because you’re not getting the results you want. Video can get you much quicker results in a much faster timeframe than you may think.

As a small business video production company, we know that the thought of video can be a bit intimidating. We will keep you involved every step of the way in the production process.

Is your passion coming through to your customers?Group of employees gathered around computer working together.

You started a small business because you believe it will be successful. No one starts a business thinking it will fail. We all aspire to do good and be proficient at what we do.  Give yourself and your business the best chance to be successful. Your entrepreneurial spirit can shine through in a small business video production. Let the audience feel how passionate you are and in turn they will respond in a positive way.

Let them see what great place your small business is. If you feel you have amazing employees and wouldn’t trade them for the world, let the consumers see that by featuring them in a video.  No matter the reason for starting or working for a small business, we can assist in showing your prospective customers what makes you different and better.

Are you making your customers advocates for your business?

Do you have customers that rave about your products or service? If so, let’s put it on video. Let your customers be your biggest advocates.  You get customers to be your biggest advocates by being visible. The more they see you, the more they feel they know you or your business, the more they like you.  Consumers always take suggestions from people they feel they know and like over someone who they don’t know at all. Let your customers get to know you and your business through a small business video production.  Even better, people will listen to your customers’ experiences because they can relate to them on the simple premise that we are all consumers.

Below are some ways a small business video production can help various types of businesses.

  1. Real Estate Agent
    Have video shot of the different rooms of the homes you are listing. You could narrate all the amenities of the house as the video plays. You can direct traffic to your website and save money by not having to print a multitude of flyers that really don’t engage with the prospective buyers.
  2. Private Practice (Dentistry/Medicine)
    Video is a great way to showcase your practice. Imagine if patients could know a little bit about you and why you do what you do. Describe what led you to be a doctor or tell us a little bit about what your practice does. You can also use this time to possibly answer any frequently asked questions or let patients know what to expect if they are visiting you for the first time.
  3. Restaurant/Bakery
    Video is a great way to introduce customers to your cuisine of choice. You can share interesting stories of how you got into business. If this is a family restaurant that has survived for generations you can let your customers know why you think that is. If it is a new business for you and/or your family, what led you to make a jump from working for others to working for yourself? If viewers like you, they will root for you and become your biggest supporters.  There was a time when the field between a small and big business was very uneven when it came to video production.
  4. A Level Playing Field
    But in today’s market, not only is the field level when it comes to video production, small business video production might even have the advantage. There is much to be said for the flexibility of a small business being able to produce videos in the same quality as larger businesses, and with greater speed. Being faster means you can stay ahead of trends or market to different consumers more efficiently.

We know your business means the world to you, and we know that a small business video production will help you be a more dynamic and successful business. Feel free to reach out to us so we can begin working together to help your business grow.