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Video Switchboard for Production.Whether your video is intended for internal audiences, as a corporate training video, or to introduce your products to a larger audience, there’s no denying the power of video to create an impression. Whether this impression is a positive one or a negative one is due in large part to the work you do in your video production and video editing. As you prepare for your video, don’t make the mistake of thinking that video editing is only what happens when you upload your clips to your video editing suite. Video editing relies upon, and in fact is, the combination of all the planning and execution that goes into your video production.

Stick to the point and keep it short
Whether you’re showing off a new product or training your employees on proper procedures, length is important. Always remember that you’re not trying to spin an engrossing and engaging story for your audience. You’re not making a feature film, after all. Your goal is to present the essential information to your target audience quickly and efficiently. Start by giving your script a thorough going-over before you shoot, and eliminate unnecessary fluff. Then tighten up transitions in the editing room. And examine different ways to present information, such as graphics and bullet points. Brevity is the soul of wit, and it’s pretty important when making a video too!

Figure out the highlights and put them first
In a feature film, you’ll hold the big reveal or the climax of the film to the very end. That’s not a good strategy for a corporate training video or a product video. Your script writing, production, and video editing must be geared to getting the most important information out to your audience right away. If you’re making a corporate video, let your audience know what the main points are right away. And if you’re doing a product video, make sure the audience understands the purpose and benefits of your product right out of the gate.

Remember who you’re shooting your video for
The target audience for your video is important. If your corporate video is presenting data to your decision makers, a straight-forward presentation of the facts will get the job done. If you’re presenting a new product launch to your target consumers, you’ll need to appeal to their emotions as well as their intellects. The pace, tone, and all the elements of your video depend upon knowing who you’re presenting to.

Make your graphics work for you
Graphics, text, and effects can add a lot to your video. Remember the last tip and make sure that these added elements match the style of your video. And be consistent with how you employ graphics and text. Determine your particular art styles and fonts and stick with them. And don’t get carried away with a variety of different transitions – stay consistent throughout your production when doing your video editing.

Find music that fits the mood
Music is an important part of a film, whether it’s a feature film, a documentary, or your corporate productions. Carefully consider your choice of music and examine whether what you’re using supports the tone of the video and what you want to say about your brand as well.

Your videos build your brand – stay consistent and stay on message
A video is an important tool for businesses, whether it’s being used for internal purposes or to reach the wider outside audience, you’re looking for. Look beyond creating a single video and consider how all your videos work together to transmit your values as a company both internally and externally.