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Our client wanted a professional animation video for their marketing and business needs. We wrote a script, storyboarded it, then created this animation.

Professional Animation Video Can Make You View Pop!

We make a lot of videos.  You know what I like about making videos?  They are ALL different.  Some days we are shooting a business meeting, some days we are selling a product and days like today, we made a glorified Powerpoint presentation for a business in Canada that wanted to promote their business with a marketing video.  AIM Health Group wanted a quick moving animation, but was not looking for cartoons running across the screen.  Instead, they wanted a clean professional video that gave a ton of information in a very short amount of time.  We worked with them on the script and storyboard and then off we went to create this professional animation video – marketing video that they added to their website.  Enjoy!

“Embrace Your Health! Dedicated Teams Putting You First”

Welcome to AIM Health Group

A leading Canadian multi-disciplinary health care and wellness services provider helping you Embrace your health! And Dedicated teams putting you first.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves as a fully integrated health care company committed to providing comprehensive, caring and compassionate health care and wellness services and solutions for patients, health care providers, corporate clients, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other institutional providers of health care.
Our Commitment
To provide multi-disciplinary health care and wellness services and solutions to individuals who are ill, injured, or disabled and those who require lifestyle interventions to improve their health and wellness and quality of life.
Our Philosophy
AIM Health Group believes in a continuum of health care and wellness delivery model. This model is built on integrating an individual’s health care and wellness services with AIM’s network of professional providers at facilities and locations throughout Ontario.

Our Team

At AIM we provide many services and programs to help you embrace your health. Our dedicated teams encompass Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Rehabilitation Specialists, Pharmacists, and Clinical Researchers.

Our Services

Medical Doctors specializing in…
Family Practice/Walk-in
Pain Management
Obstetrics Gynecology
Sports Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine

Registered Nurses specializing in…
Pain Pre-Assessments
Rehabilitation Doctors and Professionals specializing in…
Bracing and Supports
Chiropractic Care
Dietitian Services
Massage Therapy
Naturopathic Medicine
Personal Training
On-site Pharmacies
Clinical Research Facility
Our Programs 

Rehabilitation Programs include…
Lifestyle Programs
Corporate and Executive Medical Assessments
Fitness Programs
Pre/Post Employment Testing
Ergonomic Assessments
Physical Demand Analysis
Motor Vehicle Accident rehabilitation
Wellness Programs
Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
WSIB Return to Work Programs
In-home Assessments
Lifestyle Health Assessments
Multi-Disciplinary programs include…
Independent Medical Evaluations
Functional Abilities Evaluation
Worksite Assessments
Physical Demand Analysis
Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Assessment
Catastrophic Assessment
To learn more about our services and programs please visit us at
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Embrace Your Health! Dedicated Teams Putting You First

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