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Should you use Green Screen (chroma key) in your next marketing video and what is it? Nick from WeMakeVideos answers that question in this video explaining green screen best practice.

Green Screen Video Production

Hi I’m Nick from WeMakeVideos, a Video Production Company based in Nashville, Tennessee.  In this video I’m going to discuss what a green screen or chroma key, is and how it can be used in your next video production.  We all have seen our local weather guy tell us the next week’s weather forecast while pointing it out on the wall behind them.  In reality they are standing in front of a green or blue wall commonly called a “green screen”.  What is great about this solid colored green wall is that since people don’t naturally have green on their body, a computer can easily pull this vibrant green color out of the background and replace it with whatever images you like.  This could be images of you on the beach, a trippy background for a music video or a simple background that puts more focus on you and not ‘where’ you shot the video.  For a video production company it is actually quite a simple process that can be repeated no matter where you are filming.

While green screen technology used to be quite expensive to implement, now days if you have just a little knowledge of how to light a scene and a computer just about anyone can get something up and rolling at minimal cost.  The question now is, is a green screen something you actually want to use in your next video production?  Great question.  There are tons of creative ways to use a green screen to show off products, videos and photos in an engaging way.  It is also a great way to just keep consistent branding throughout all your videos.  If you are in a small space, like a spare bedroom or small office you can create a company branded green screen video that looks the same every time whether it’s rain or shine, night or day.  For more information on exactly how to use green screens or to have your next video made, come on over to

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