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Creating a manufacturing video allows you to put a spotlight on your best features and ignore the rest!

Manufacturing is a complex and dangerous industry. But it is also rich in technology, processes that have been tuned to perfection, and hard-working individuals. Plant tours can be given to prospective clients and partners but this is time-consuming, can hinder production, and show off your weaknesses just as much as your strengths. Video fixes these issues. Creating a manufacturing video allows you to put a spotlight on your best features and ignore the rest! Great videos will be resources for your team to use as a sales tool, marketing asset, and statement piece for conveying your experience, credibility and mission.

On location in factory filming a video

Contending with the noise, dirt, and hazards is an everyday occurrence when you’re working on the manufacturing floor but to capture video that looks and sounds amazing while contending with all of those obstacles is tough. Hiring a video crew that has experience, gear and the skill to accomplish your goals is required. We are experts in getting the shot, making you look good and working within the confines of your space, machinery and safety guidelines. We’ll also walk you through the whole process to help you figure out what you want to say, how best to show off your facility (without revealing trade secrets), and all while looking better than you ever thought possible.  We have years of experience creating manufacturing videos for small and large companies, let us create one for you.

What kind of video is your team in need of right now? Here are a couple of the most popular types to give you an idea of what kind of manufacturing video your team needs.

Manufacturing Video Examples


When pitching a new client, you know that showing your production line in action is how to win their business. But getting someone to tour your facility might not be an option. Enter video. Video is actually the best way for you to showcase your technology, team and quality control because the environment is controlled. With lighting, prepped employees and the opportunity to do a quick area cleanup, you’ll be putting your best face forward. This enhances your image and wins business.


Safety and quality are always top of mind when it comes to a successful manufacturing facility. It would be ideal for senior management to take the time to do each training session but that’s impossible. However, filming that supervisor one time and then using it for every on-boarding and continuing education class plant-wide, is brilliant. Plus, people learn in different ways so giving them a video that taps into all the learning methods will improve retention.  Removing the game of telephone and standardizing your message will increase quality control and minimize risk of injury.


Whether demonstrating quality control measures to a client or peeling back the curtain of how your operation works for an RFP or distribution deal, showing off your team and facility is key. This video is also a good opportunity to give your company a personality by selecting a charismatic salesman or CEO to give the VIP tour of your facility. Aside from sales and marketing purposes, this video is also a great companion to your website homepage.

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