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From maintaining production budgets to staying on schedule, the award-winning team at WMV Productions lives to make sure that our client’s projects are properly managed. We know how important timelines are to our clients and their brands and companies, so constant communication is our most valuable tool. Clients aren’t expected to manage their own projects and schedules, and WMV will make sure that they know the progress of their project every step of the way.

Once we’ve defined the scope of the project, our client’s are assigned a producer who will move forward with scripting and storyboarding, securing locations and talent, scheduling crew and filming dates. We have an active list of locations, talent agencies, script writers, voiceover talent and crew who we know and trust. These ongoing relationships reduce the amount of time that our group has to spend acquiring assets for our client’s projects.

After filming is complete, our client’s producer will work with the editing team to ensure that they have all of the assets needed such as logos, style guides, and voiceovers. Our producers will coordinate any revisions needed to complete the project.

We know how to anticipate potential problems, so we can fix them before clients even know that there is a problem. With the strategic planning of the team at WMV, we account for any delays that may occur. Our goal is to take the pressure off of our clients and to be their guide through the video production process.

Do you have a video project that you want to start, but don’t know where to begin? Are you unsure of how to navigate a full scale video production? If you are looking for a video partner, reach out to us at 615-852-5869 or