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Businesses use video for internal communications and training purposes because of the efficiency and flexibility it provides.  

For large businesses, or companies with multiple locations, internal communication is a challenge. Despite the speed of email, chats and smartphones, it can still be a struggle to get all of your employees updated and aligned. Live hangouts and video conferences have improved some aspects but trying to get everyone on 1 call at one time is tough from a logistics and technology standpoint. Many businesses have opted to use video for internal communications and training purposes because of the efficiency and flexibility it provides.  

Using video for internal communications can be as simple as posting a quick update from the latest sales conference or trade show with your phone. It can also involve bringing in a small video crew to create a video that can ensure a consistent message is produced to be sent to all employees for viewing.

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Internal Communications Video Company

Video can be overwhelming for a company that understands the benefits but doesn’t have the time and talent required to create a great final product. When bringing in WMV Productions as your professional video team, you are ensuring a level of quality for every aspect of your project. You are also going to create consistency in your videos because we’ll create a graphics package for your company and each video series to give it that extra polished look. And lastly, you’ll be gaining ease of use. You’ll be working with a team of professionals that create videos every day for clients around the world. We have the answers to your questions and we have experience to create the best possible corporate video for your needs.

There are a handful of ways that internal communications videos can be utilized. Here are a couple of our most popular.

Internal Communications Video Examples

Executive Updates

Showcasing your company leaders in a yearly, quarterly or monthly update allows you to remove the barriers from the executive team and make them more accessible and relatable to the whole staff. We’ll make the big boss look and sound good as they share what sales were made, partnerships were formed, projects completed, awards won and motivational messages to the company. Plus, providing a culture of communication and a level of transparency within your business leads to happier employees and a reduced turnover rate.


When training staff to follow precise accounting procedures or creating a demonstration for installers, video can be a huge asset. One of the best parts of video is that it can be paused and replayed for anyone that has access. This ensures a true transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the trainee. The video ultimately becomes a company resource that is available to teach, and also to remind, your employees how to follow procedure. We are experts in helping managers create a video that teaches their employees.

Improving  Corporate Culture

When your company grows to a level that requires different floors, building, cities or time zones, you might feel frustrated at how to build a company culture. Creating an internal communication video that comes straight from the top with a message of strength, pride and passion for the work that is being done can go a long way to building a motivated workplace.

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