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Have you ever wondered how someone can create a viral video? You know the ones I am talking about, Jenna Marbles, or those annoying cat videos…how in the world do they get millions of views. Marketing plays a huge part in becoming an Internet star!How to create a viral Video

What do people do on a boring Monday or Tuesday at work? I will tell you…they catch up on the news and they watch videos on YouTube. So the best time to release your video is going to be Monday or Tuesday to give the whole workweek some ramp up! When you are thinking about releasing the video…do not release your video during a holiday… people are not at work, so people are not going to take video breaks!

If your video is not good none of the planning is going to matter. Even getting your friends to share and other companies to promote you but if your content is not great it will not go anywhere. Why do you think people will share your video? If you are emotionally engaging in your video! Does you video present the awe moment, or an act of excitement? Happy, cute little kittens spread like wild fire in the video world. Usually sad videos do not spread, people want to see the excitement, they want to be excited when you are excited and it works.
creating a viral video

So what happens when you get your viral video? Are you ready for the criticism? No matter what you want to go viral there will be that one person giving you a bad review. But hey bad press is better than no press at all right?

Whether or not your video goes viral this is a great way to start your online marketing and video presence! Don’t hesitate to be bold and throw something out there and see what happens!