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Bloopers Can Increase Your Companies Success – Maybe

You know those silly little outtakes at the end of a movie when they are rolling the credits?  Bloopers are what most people call them, but others know them as outtakes or they could be called a gag reel. It is a short sequence of a film or video production usually made up of deleted scenes or mistakes by a cast member.

Where did the art of bloopers come from? Television producer Kermit Schaefer created a long time running series called PardonCreating Bloopers My Blooper, this was in the 50s and 60s and featured actual recordings from television and radio mixed with re-creations. This was by no means taken seriously! The term blooper comes from wartime censorship, and is short for “Blue Pencil” which was used to delete wrong parts of documents and letters.

Bloopers are just one of those things that happen while creating live video content.  We are all human and sometimes we fumble over our words or something unexpected happens, luckily we can all laugh at our selfs.  In our world today they have created whole television shows just off of the stupid things that people do and why not…it is very funny.

If you type in blooper to Google the videos list is unlimited. When you are creating a video and you are in postproduction this will be the perfect time to ask the company to create your blooper reel. This will be great to have for the future when youbloopers are ready to put out a funny marketing skit or just something new to post on your website. Bloopers help! They show the world that your company is okay with fun and does not always take things to seriously. Many companies do not know how to let lose and show the fun side. When you are looking for someone to join your team this is important. People don’t want to work for a company that is stiff all of the time. A blooper reel for your video either at the end or as a totally separate video all together, you cannot go wrong.

Bloopers can make your company look more personable and human. Maybe a blooper reel is for you! Ideas for using Bloopers to increase sales or awareness are as easy to create as sitting with staff and telling funny stories or things that have happened – then incorporating them into your blooper ideas.

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