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Video Script

When it comes to filming day there’s so much that happens and it’s just so exciting to be there and watch it all unfold. This is where the two weeks of all that pre-production, all the scripting and the story boarding and the acquiring actors and locations and props, all this comes together on the film day. The crew has started the night before by getting everything ready, getting all the equipment ready so that when you show up and have bagels and coffee with us they’re already a few hours into their day. We’re focusing on that script and that story board and the product and making it look great and just perfectly presenting it like a way that it’s never been done before.

Seeing the script in action, there’s just nothing like that. Having actors doing the scenarios and showing it off and using it, it’s really rewarding to watch all of that pre-production work come to create the film day and then you know that that film day is going to result in a great final product. It’s one of my favorite days because it’s the day that all that pre-production and organization comes together to start making that final video.