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Video Script

A video producer is essentially the project manager on your video project. So they are the person that’s going to connect with the actors, the location, set all of that stuff up, make sure the script is ready to go, make sure that the film crew knows exactly what that script is and what the storyboard looks like, and making sure that’s put together. So that on the film day all those pieces are in place. And then finally, they’re going to coordinate with the editing team. And they’re gonna go back and forth between you and them making sure that those final pieces are exactly the way you want it.

So essentially, when you think video producer, it’s a term that everybody knows, but I think more than anything, you’re thinking project manager. You’re thinking somebody that’s going to take you from A to Z, they’re going to hold your hand through the whole process, and they’re going to make it a smooth process. I can’t imagine doing a project without one. So, for your next project, give us a call.