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Video Cost?  It is the first question we are asked and it is usually the biggest concern when people are looking into starting a video project. Hidden Video Cost can drive your cost up more than you might think. Easily overlooked simple things might surprise you but can be controlled.

Question: “How much is a video?”

Answer: “That depends.”

We don’t like not having an easy answer for you any more than you like getting a vague and unhelpful response.

But here’s the thing. The cost of a video depends on so many factors that it takes some details for us to be able to create an accurate quote. Some of those specifics have been listed at the end of this post.

But there is also more to the price of a video than just all of the logistics, crew and final product needed.



Your experience is not usually something that is considered when awarding a contract. It should be and here’s why.

There are always several video companies vying for your business but it is hard to select one that is different than the rest AND a good fit for you and your company. It is easy to tell the difference between good and bad videos. Pros put their best videos on their site and that is the work that you see. But what the final product doesn’t tell you is what the client was really thinking throughout that timeframe.

– Did they feel that the company cared about their goals for the video?

– Did they feel overwhelmed by all of the details and there was no one to explain them?

– Did the project come in on time and on budget?

– Did the video team listen to them/over-promise/under-deliver…?


Yes, everyone has a few testimonials on their site about how happy people are but even that can be a few selected clients over a span of several years. So how do you filter through all this mess and make a great decision?

Our suggestion is to call your top 3 contenders and have a real conversation about your project with them. Express your vision and concerns and see how attentive and educated they are with their responses. It isn’t always about knowing the answer but it is about knowing how to find the answer and then them getting back to you. Communication and organization on the project side is just as important as the talent on the creative side. Once you’ve seen the work, this is really the only true test of how well the company will partner with yours.

We look forward to discussing the details of your next project!

Video Cost Factors:


Simpler videos have someone to organize the shoot, film it and then edit it.

Projects that are more complex can have a hundred variables. We like to simplify it by saying people, places and props all take more time and money but here are a few specifics:

– multiple cameras

– actors

– voice over talent

– script writing

– illustrated storyboard

– custom motion graphics package

– upgraded camera packages

– hair and makeup stylist

 – animation

– wardrobe

– set design

– concept brainstorming meetings

– advanced editing techniques

– specialty equipment to get a specific shot

– location rental

– studio rental

– detailed project management

– props

What about my video?

Now you know some cost factors that go in to a video production. Ready to start your video production?

**UPDATE September 20th, 2017**

Amy answered this question in a very simple video which you can watch here: How much does a video production cost?