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For years now, brands from a wide range of industries have used the time-tested elements of story to communicate who they are. We know that a compelling story engages potential customers far more effectively than conventional sales or marketing pitches. Using video to tell that story will provide a unique connection with your audience.

As a business, you want to tell your story in a way that set you apart from others in your field. To do that, you need to communicate clearly what pain point you solve for your customers. The problem is many brands think that they need to tell their own story. This leaves them frustrated because they don’t see new customers coming in. Every brand has the potential to tell their story in a way that results in moving potential customers to a point of direct action.

How can your brand use video to effectively communicate your story? The best way is to approach your video in the same way you might approach making a blockbuster movie. The reason we spend money to go see movies is because they tell great stories. You should too.

It’s not about you
Most businesses get off track because they want to talk about themselves. Potential customers are checking you out because they have a problem and want to know if you can solve it. Your story is really your customer’s story. You want to start by letting your audience know that you understand what their aspirations are.

What’s the problem?
Many companies make the mistake of trying to talk about too much and they lose business in the fog of confusion. Every great film is about one character in the pursuit of one thing. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker had to destroy the Death Star. In Moneyball, Billy Beane needs to lead the Oakland A’s to a championship in spite of not having the money other teams have.

Imagine your potential customer as that one character in your favorite movie. What is the one thing they’re after?

You are a Jedi master
Once you’ve identified the problem you can solve for your customer, position yourself as Obi-Wan Kenobi to your customer’s Luke Skywalker. This is a great opportunity to express empathy and when your customer senses you understand them and the experience you have addressing their problem, they’ll want to know more about your story.

What’s the plan?
Your potential customers want to know that doing business with you is easy. Distill the process by which they can do business with you down to two or three easy-to-understand steps and let them know what those steps are.

Happy endings!
Use visuals that communicate how doing business with you will help them succeed at overcoming their pain point. Here, you can celebrate all the great things the story of your brand is telling, which is really the story of your customers’ success.

Using video to tell your brand’s story isn’t new. But, how you use video to tell that story will either result in you being just one more business vying for people’s attention, or it can set you apart as the premier option for your audience.


We would love to help you tell a blockbuster story. Feel free to contact us and find out how.