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Brand diagram showing component features such as Logo, Design, Value, etc.Brand. That term has become the only word to really matter in most businesses these days. A brand could be a person, company or product. Being a brand means that you’re not only thinking of yourself as a larger entity, but it means that you understand the overall package, so that you get your cohesive message to the right people.

So, how does that fit into video? Better than you might think. People have been branding themselves for decades, but we’ve only started using the term lately. Probably the most recognizable brand utilizing the power of video is Budweiser. It’s hard to forget a Budweiser commercial. There aren’t many brands that have been able to have more powerful and memorable storytelling moments than Budweiser.

While most beer commercials tend towards humor or a party theme, Budweiser has evolved from cheeky commercials and knows how to pull at one’s heartstrings. From engaging public service announcements to political statements, Budweiser tows the line between craft and commercial. The personal touches with these more recent commercials makes you feel as though you want to be part of a greater brand story—beer or no beer.

Here are our three favorite Budweiser brand stories:

The 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial: This commercial is particularly notable because there is not a single shot of beer in the entire piece. The story centers around the raising of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and the lifelong connection they have with their trainers. For an alcohol company, this wholesome story engages the audience in a new way that feels like you could be part of a committed and loyal brand. Get the tissues out because it’s a tearjerker.

Don’t Drive and Drive: Someone’s Waiting for You: There is no denying that alcohol advertisements have to tow the line of fun and responsible. However, this Budweiser commercial directly addresses the issue of drunk driving through the eyes of a sweet pup who is waiting for his owner to come home. Through some flashes of daily life, it’s clear that Budweiser is a lifestyle for this character, but in a mindful way that doesn’t make you feel he is irresponsible. Even when he stays out all night, it’s because he wants to make sure that he can get home to his best friend.

The 2017 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial: This one still makes us a little weepy. Budweiser has long been held as America’s beer, so their bold 2017 Super Bowl commercial turned a few heads. While most brands steer clear of politics or controversial topics, Budweiser addressed the topic of immigration head on. Starting in a bar with someone telling the protagonist that he doesn’t look like he’s from around there, the story then goes back in time as we follow the the lead, German immigrant in the mid-1800’s coming to America. Despite discrimination and a hard journey to finally arrive in St. Louis, he finds himself back in the bar where he meets his future business partner, and we realize the pair is Anheuser-Busch.

Telling a brand story doesn’t have to be formulaic or stale. When thinking of who your audience is, try expanding those ideas to address particular ideas or concerns that your clients may have. With some creative thinking and execution, you can set yourself apart from the crowd with a truly unique brand story.

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