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These are the Drones You’re Looking For.
Star Wars "Not the Droids" SceneAerial and drone video production is now more accessible, and a great way to add production value and wider scope to your video. Until recently, this was only done for Hollywood elites or those who had big budgets. Aerial shotshave been very expensive in the past because they involved renting a helicopter, mounting a camera on the helicopter, hiring a professional pilot, hiring an aerial camera operator and hoping it all comes together to create a sweeping aerial shot of the city below, a body of water, or vast open country.

If renting all that personnel and equipment is above your budget, you can always buy stock footage. This is footage already filmed and edited to hopefully fit your project. Buying stock footage can be expensive and confusing as to what rights you have with footage that is owned by someone else. Prices can range between $60 for 15 seconds up to about $200 for 25-30 seconds. Also, you have no creative control over the footage.

There is no need for those expensive trappings. Aerial and drone footage is almost as easy to film for your video as filming on land. Let’s answer a few basic questions to see if this is right for your business video production.

What are aerial and drone videos?
Both aerial and drone video can be used to describe the same thing- footage captured by something that is flying higher than any human can reach with a crane or being attached to a structure. Helicopters and planes can and do shoot aerial footage still, but that is still reserved for higher budgets. Drone footage or video is specifically shot by drones.

If you are worried about the quality of drone footage, don’t be. Camera and drone technology have come a long way. Cameras can be mounted or are part of the drone itself. Many of them allow the “pilot” of the drone to film and see what he/she is filming in real time. The guess work is all but gone.

What are they used for?
Drone Scene from South ParkPrimarily to give a grander scale to just about anything. A jogger running down a forest trail becomes more visually appealing if you can get a drone shot following them running through the trees. Want to get a shot of your local community from an interesting vantage point? A drone can help. A world champion boxer shadow boxing on top of an ancient castle? Boring! Make it a drone shot and sign me up!

A drone video production can add a dynamic and intriguing layer to any video. You can highlight your staff by having them all wave to a drone as it takes off from ground level to the sky. This can show both how much you admire your staff and the area you work and live in.

The more dynamic a video production is, the more an audience will tend to watch it to completion. If the video is static or just a talking head, most viewers look for “x” to close the window.

Is it safe?
The FAA has rules and regulations when it comes to flying drones. As long as you or your production company is aware of these rules and regulations, there should be no issue with capturing drone footage.

Bottom Line
Using aerial and drone production will add visual interest to your video and increase its production value without breaking the bank.

The sky is the limit when capturing aerial and drone production footage, and we strive to capture the most captivating scenes to engage your viewer. Should you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them.