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So, you need something for your trade show booth, but you don’t know what it is. You’ve already done the fancy brochures that no one seemed to take, but you want people to come by for more than just a business card. It’s time for something new. Here are five things that a video can do for your next trade show.

1. Curb appeal
There’s only so much that you can do with a trade show booth. Chances are you’ve traveled for the event and can’t take a lot of things with you. Maybe, you can have colorful linens, balloons or flowers for your table, but there’s only so much that you can do with limited to make your booth pop. A trade show video can dress up your brand in a way that no table linens can

2. Delivering sales pitch to every passerby
Instead of trying to have the perfect sales pitch rehearsed, let a trade show loop do the work for you. What happens if you have a new team member working the booth or you have to step away for a moment? You don’t want to miss a possibility to connect with a potential client because your timing is off.

Having a video in your booth also allows you to reach more people than just the ones who stop at your booth. There could be a single word or phrase that grabs someone attention as they walk by. Having a dynamic visual to go with your trade show sales pitch will not only capture potential clients, but can also provide a way to stand out from the crowd.

3. Showcase personality
Let’s be honest: it’s hard to show your brand personality in a room full of companies and booths. With the right video, you can show future clients what they can expect with your brand. Utilizing employee or current client testimonials is one way to show how you work and what potential clients can expect from you and your team. A behind-the-scenes video is also an interesting way to give trade show attendees an intimate look at what your brand has to offer. No matter what you decide to do in your video, the most important thing is that you use this opportunity to let people see what sets your company apart.

4. Credibility
Beyond a rack card or brochure, a professional video for your trade show booth will be a signal to anyone passing by that you’re a brand worth talking to. It shows that you’ve spent the time and energy to showcase the best features of your business, and you’re ready to spend the time and energy in new customers.

5. Vibe
Maybe your company is known for being a little funky and creative, so how do you show a room full of trade show attendees that you’re fun to work with? From motion graphics to music, a trade show video lets you set the vibe of the clients you want to attract from the get-go. With the right video team to execute your vision, you can make a statement that will get people to notice your company for all of the right reasons.

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