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Cooking with Sarah-Jane has been a long running video series for the registered dietitian as part of her new web blog and social media push.  Her hope was to be able to write short scripts covering topics like cooking recipes and diet recommendations, and then use videos to enhance her blogs by showcasing visual examples.  The demonstration videos have covered many topics, and have been useful for her to send to her fans, promote better health, and showcase her skills.

Set in her home in Nashville Tennessee, each episode is shot in her own kitchen, creating a close and personal feel for the audience.  The team at WMV Productions were hired not only to shoot the videos, but also to help create a new branding package for her. Everything from the channel’s logo to the motion graphics used in each episode were created by the designers here.

Behind the Scenes
Shooting with Sarah-Jane is as easy for the crew as it is fun.  Her warm and welcoming personality makes each shoot enjoyable. Though each episode is given its own unique topic, the common link between all of them is the location of her kitchen.  What may come as a surprise to many is that each individual shoot actually covers five different episode of content. This means a lot of wardrobe, prop, and teleprompter changes.

Video crew member behind the scenes

Luckily, the crew has become very efficient at setting up the studio-grade lighting and camera setup within just an hour of arrival.  But that doesn’t stop us from making sure every detail is closely monitored. While these days are long, the hardest part of it all is not drooling on the equipment as her home fills with the delicious aroma of her cooking.