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Nothing is more daunting than creating the perfect sales pitch. Your type of business helps dictate how you have to approach the sales aspect of your business but the impression you make in front of your audience is all you. The goal is that you are either filling a void or solving a problem. But that isn’t always easy to put into words. If you are working in a technical or abstract field, people can get lost and confused about what you do and how you do it… and why they should care!


You don’t want people looking confused and saying, “So why are you here?”

Video is a great way to add some visual excitement to your pitch and ensure that you are delivering the exact message for the desired effect. You know we love using video as a communication tool so here are a few ways on how you can incorporate video into your sales process.



One of the hardest aspects of selling is getting in front of the right person or people. When you do, you want to make the perfect first impression. An easy way to open, break up or complete your pitch is to incorporate a video that makes your product or service look irresistible.

how to increase video sales

Attention Grabbing

Set your pitch up for success.

Problem: You finally get into the room with a decision maker and you want to excite them at the very beginning.

Solution: Use a video showcasing successful events, happy customers, people using your product, etc. to raise the energy in the room.


Reveal what you really do for your clients.

Problem: If people have no idea what you do, they won’t see a need for it. If the product is highly technical or exists online, your buyer can get confused on what you are really bringing to the table.

Solution: Using a video to show the assembly line, the product in action, animation of the process or screenshots of your platform provides visual clarity and allows you to invite them to your inner circle.


Showcase the potential of your company’s reach.

Problem: Seeing is believing. How will this product be used? Who will use it? Why will they use it?

Solution: Using a video to show the product used in the real world helps your buyer fully understand what you are selling.



Whether it is your first contact or the immediate follow up from a meeting. You want to bring something that to table that builds intrigue or continues the feeling of excitement and opportunity.

Obstacles in Sales

Start of the sales cycle

Goal: Stand apart from the crowd of typical first contacts.

Execute: Just as it does in the room, using a video to grab your buyer’s attention and get them excited is a great way to motivate them to contact you or take your call.

Meeting follow up

Goal: Create a unique follow up that set you apart from your competitors.

Execute: The energy is great in the room but you don’t want your presentation to get lost in the masses. Sending a video in a follow up message brings you and your company back to the top their minds.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to incorporate video into your sales pitch. It isn’t a requirement but one of the best ways to capture and hold someone’s attention is to SHOW them something exciting.




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